Thai liberty


From Naewna, February 23, 2016
Caption on the left: American liberty
Caption on the right: Thai liberty
Red Shirt leader Jatupron Prompan on the right is saying: I will overthrow the draft constitution because it’s dictatorship, not liberal and violates democracy.
On his paper: Let burn it, bros. I’ll take a responsible for it. [comments made during a 2010 Red Shirt rally about committing arson for their cause]
Note at bottom: Thanks for an idea sent by Khun Jett, fan of Naewna newspaper. [notes like this are often included at the bottom of editorial cartoons to thank people who sent in ideas for cartoons]

[The cartoon criticizes Red Shirt leaders for opposing the charter draft. It contrasts Jatupron’s statements about upholding democracy and resisting dictatorship with statements he made during the 2010 Red Shirt rallies when he (and other leaders) prepared the crowds to commit arson.]

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