Thai-language newspapers on the U.S. election

From Thairath, November 11, 2009
Headline: Female Lt.Col. with Thai blood won an election becoming the Chicago representative-elect – Revealing her courageous background – Becoming disabled from combat
Obama defeated Romney heading to ‘the White House’ for the second term

From Komchadluek, November 11, 2009
Main headline: Thai woman becomes a Rep. in the U.S. House of Representative by popular vote.
Above the main headline: Obama won a second term
Top left: Overwhelmingly admired on the net, a half-Thai woman won a seat in the House of Representatives
Sub-headline: Making a history defeating the Republican, Poo congratulates Barack-Ladda
Story: Ladda “Tammy”, was the first half-Thai woman who won an election becoming is the U.S. Representative-elect for Illinois, while “Barack Obama” received land-slide votes defeating “Mitt Romney” 303 to 206, remaining the president for the 2nd term.
Bottom right crime headline: Focusing on amphetamines as a cause of the shooting of the Thoong Song warden and two guards

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