Thai-language newspapers – October 14, 2004

Matichon - October 14, 2004

* Maew [PM Thaksin's nickname] said he does not know that TRT decides not to take notice the Mahachon Party. He is confident to get 200 seats in the next election. Bunyat of the Democrat Party mocks “can't believe this and boasts of 200 seats is just encourage TRT members.”

* The Queen helps victims in the “Kapor” district in the South. The situation is quite serious. Not only 300 students, but also foreign teachers want to move from the university [because of the violence].

* C.P. [C.P. Group - one of Thailand's largest companies and largest supplier of chickens] urges the government to use a vaccine for the bird flu. It is about the world politic that the big power country want to intercept the growth of economic in this region. Killing the chickens could not solve the exactly problem.

Thairath - October 14, 2004

* The student fought strongly with a guy who wanted to rape her and bit off his tongue [includes a photo of the tongue in a bag--this story was broken by Kom Chad Luek yesterday and was also picked up in the international press].

* A security guard who drove a Brinks Thailand Company vehicle stole 4 million baht and ran away while the manager was preparing to put the money in an ATM.

* The Deputy of Public Health Ministry "talks big" that they controlled bird flu in 7 days because there has not been more patients in 7 days.

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