Thai-language newspapers – April 14, 2005

Matichon - April 14, 2005

* The 'intelligence unit' warned that terrorists have plans to bomb in three risky areas in Had Yai--public parks, transport stations, and Songkla Nakarin University--so these areas are being strictly watched. Meanwhile, the a new security unit emphasizes it will be on guard against sabotage near the Chaopraya River both in Bangkok and Nontaburi province.

* Interesting quote from Matichon: "During Songkran, any official who can hand in a drug dealer--especially the big agents--can get both a reward and a big step up in the bureaucracy." - Thaksin Shinnawatra, Prime Minister

* Five ways to increase happiness in the family - A Suan Dusit poll reveals on April 12 that a survey of 1146 people (fathers 22.51%, mothers 35.60%, and sons/daughters 41.8%) about the big problems that the Thai family wants to be solved:
1. Lack of taking care of each other/no time - 39.1%
2. Poverty/consumption/expenses - 25.6%
3. Social problems: drugs, youth, education -12.68%
4. Domestic violence/quarrels - 11.7%
5. Divorce that according to no plan or not ready to get married - 6.15%

How to be a happy family
1. Face and listen to each other - 41.99%
2. Pay more attention to family members - 26.43%
3. Increase warmness and spend time with the family - 20.14%
4. Plan for save money/not live extravagantly - 6.25%
5. Forgive each other - 5.19%

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