Thai-language Newspaper Headlines After the Blast

The way a Thai newspaper covers a big event always reflects the publication’s own character:

ASTV Manager, a rabidly anti-Thaksin newspaper, immediately lays the blame at Thaksin’s feet.

Daily News, a vernacular daily, made a supernatural connection noting the amazing lack of damage to the shrine itself. This “miracle” was widely reported in the Thai-language press, but in English the Thais tend to edit out folksy viewpoints like this.

The Nation’s business daily, Krungthep Turakit, has a much more “just the facts” front page.

The other big vernacular daily, Thairath, known for its bloody front page photos, sensationalizes its headlines with news that bodies were blown apart so completely that the sex of victims cannot be determined.

See below:


From ASTV, August 18, 2015
At top right corner: Thai Life Insurance [an advertisement]
Main headline: [white] Bomb! Central Bangkok
[yellow] ‘TNT’ hided at Erawan Shrine
Same group suspected and condemned
[white text] ASTV Manager – Cruel! A bomber left a bomb at Ratchaprasong intersection where the Erawan Shrine located at 7 pm. Police chief said it’s ‘TNT’ left by someone. The government set up a team to investigate the place and send the injured people to the hospital. The police have checked and try to identify a suspect but have not yet confirmed a cause for the bomb. It could be done by the same group whom lost the benefit and wanted to destroy the country and don’t allow Thais to be happy. [referring to Thaksin] The police set up a security checkpoint to hunt the suspect. Meanwhile, the Red Shirt media knows about this incident in advance. It warned their members on 13 Aug. Read more page 4 [refers to a Facebook post by a Red Shirt who warned of a dangerous event. Police questioned the person and said he had no connection to the bombings.]
Black headlines: Innocent people, 16 died and a hundred injured
Hospitals in the city join hands to help
Headline in a black box: Bangkok ordered to close schools
Mall-Bank-Stockmarket still open
On the map: Bomb at Ratchaprasong intersection
Initially, 16 died and 81 injured as of 21.45 hours.


From Daily News, August 19, 2015
Main headline: [white] Hunt after a foreign suspect bomber
Surprised at the supernatural power of the Erawan shrine
The shrine is safe-death toll reaches 19.
Inside a box: The police have a suspect and are now hunting a foreign bomber. A CCTV captured a moment of delivering a TNT bomb for an explosion at Ratchaprasong intersection. This caused at least 19 died and 111 injured both Thai and foreign tourists. It’s surprising that the Erawan Shrine wasn’t destroyed by the bomb. Meanwhile, the government expressed their condolences.
Pink headline in the middle: Rumor, Prayuth’s 3rd cabinet submitted
[Refers to a reshuffle of the cabinet aims to solve a country’s economic problems.]
Black headline on the mid-left: Awesome Thai students win a gold at the student world labor.
Black headline on the mid-right: Within this week, Big Tok is expected to be new army chief.
[Refers to the General Paibul Khumchaya, one of candidates to be the new army chief.]
Headline in a pink box: [white] Thai tattoo-eyebrow tattoo
Be careful of illness
A doctor says it can lead to HIV, B-C virus
A doctor warns people about eyebrow and Thai tattoo.
Headline in a pink box at the bottom-left: Chuwong’s family ask Dr. Pornthip for help to disclose the case
Somyot orders Prawut to investigate
The family still questions so they ask Dr. Pornthep to help
[Refers to the murder case of billionaire contractor Chuwong Sae Tang. Pol. Gen Somyot assigned Assistant national police chief Prawut Thawornsiri to investigate the death of Chuwong. Meanwhile, his family also asked Dr. Pornthip Rojanasunand to help for investigate this case as well. She is know to fearlessly report the forensic results of cases when local police attempt to cover things up.]


From Krungtehp Turakit, August 18, 2015
Main headline: [red] Bomb blast at Ratchaprasong intersection
[Top white] 15 dead and many injured–PM sets up a war room to monitor the situation
[below white] ‘TNT’ weight 5 kg. was found
Thai Red Cross call for blood donation
‘Prawit’ says the bomb aims to destroy economy-tourism.
Read more in page 4
Close to the map: An explosion at Ratchaprasong intersection
17 Aug 2558 (2015)
Headline at the bottom left: Inject 1.6 trillion baht to revive the economy in the second half of the year
Headline at the bottom right: BOT [Bank of Thailand] is ready to launch measures dealing with the world financial market crisis.


From Thairath, August 19, 2015
Main headline: Blast at the center of Bangkok
Bomb at Ratchaprasong intersection
TNT hided at Erawan shrine
Big Pom order to hunt for the bomber
117 injured
A police spokesman says the bomb at Erawan shrine at Ratchaprasong intersection caused 19 dead, most of them are likely Chinese. The bomb explodes all bodies which makes it difficult to identify the sex [of the victim]. Read more in page 10.
Headline at top left: The Crown Prince thanks the people [Refers to a card by the Crown Prince to thank Thai people for joining the ‘Bike for Mom’ event.]
He made a card and wrote a message to people
The Crown Prince gave a card to thank people.
Headline in a green box on the left: Arrest more members of U-Fun
The owner of a famous restaurant
And a cosmetic doctor – TV anchor
[Refers to a Ufun scheme which is alleged to be a pyramid and money laundering scam.]
Headline in a green box in the middle: ‘Thawon’ discloses
Silent coup d’etat
[Refers to Thaworn Senniam, a former politician, who criticized the establishment of a committee on a reform and reconciliation mentioned in the draft constitution. This raises a concern that the committee could be a new power to counterbalance the government.]
Headline in a green box on the right: Transfer to P. to investigate
Reveal someone
Ends Chuwong’s case
[Refers to the murder case of billionaire contractor Chuwong Sae Tang. Pol. Gen. Somyot assigned Assistant national police chief Prawut Thawornsiri to investigate the death of Chuwong.]

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