Thai-language Headlines of September 9, 2011

Thairath, September 9, 2011
– Pheu Thai plays a new game to resurrect the Thaksin case to judge it again.
– Drug dealer was arrested. Ecstasy, ice, and heroin valued at a billion baht. This gang operated from neighborhoods in Chiangrai.
– Democrat Party informs prime minister that she has to send the 11 name list of NBTC to the King, otherwise she will commit an offense.
– Soldier and people in Angtong hurry to create a temporary dike.
– One of the gang who murdered Ms. Petcharat, the property business woman in Hua Hin, was arrested.

Matichon, September 9,2011
– Chalerm-Apiwan are the leaders to request the Supreme Court to judge Thaksin’s case again.
– Jatuporn talked about rapprochement football between Hun Sen and Thaksin
– They will change the Ministry of Interior permanent [official] in the middle of September. [meaning the government will replace him]
– Poo said she didn’t see the name list, she will let a secretary study this law. Mark referred to the law, they found 3 points of suspicion. [referring to the Nation Broadcasting appointees]
– The pickup [man] that delivered 2.4 million drugs valued at a billion baht was arrested.

Daily News, September 9,2011
– Tawin is taking leave before he will sue the prime minister. He denied her dinner invitation. [refers to the National Security chief removed from his position]
– The casinos found in Ratchada and Rama IX had been moved from Wangtonglang Police Station area.
– Chalerm said that Tawin’s case came from his kharma. He’s not afraid about [Tawin] suing [him].
– Ecstasy and ice dealer was arrested. The total value 1 billion baht.  Chalerm will call a meeting in 11 Sep before investigate more in the north area of Thailand.
– Flood – Bad for the economy, not confident about the policy from this government.  The prime minister has to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Komchadluek, September 9, 2011
– The Pheu Thai Party will keep pressing ahead with its campaign pledge to absolve ousted the former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra for the guilt of helping his wife purchase Ratchadaphisek land at a discount price.
– Plan to build a sand embankment at Singburi to prevent 300,000 rai of agriculture area from flooding.
– “Intracerebral hemorrhage” Arunya admitted in ICU. Her left arm has weakened.
– 19 big [high-ranking] police are free from the penalty in the casino case.  [They are] Just punished by a reduction of salary. NSC is be demoralized that Tawin will be moved.

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