Thai-language Headlines of September 8, 2011

Komchadluek, September 8, 2011

– To harmonize [relations] between Thailand and Cambodia, Thaksin-Hunsen compete in a football match with Reds vs Cambodia [refers to a football match being planned between Red Shirts and Cambodia to strengthen ties]

– Tawin is sad, he’s coerced to move his position [referring to the transfer of the NSC chief]

– DSI is willing to investigate the new members of the NBTC. If they find anything wrong [in the selection proces], they have to recruit all new members. [refers to the selection of members of the National Broadcasting Commission]

– The ministry of finance is finding the way to increase salaries to 15,000 baht, not including the cost of living.

Matichon, September 8, 2011

– Matichon withdraws from The National Press Council of Thailand. [Matichon has been implicated in Pheu Thai bribery of reporters and objected to the probe of their operations by the press council.]

– 9 governors went to the flood area (Chainart, Angtong, Ayuthaya)  to prevent Bangkok’s inundation. The government is hurrying to solve by this 28 September.

Daily News, September 9, 2011

– Tawin isn’t satisfied with his new position. He will claim to the MSPC to investigate, and he will talk to clear this up with Chalerm. [referring to the transfer of the NSC chief]

– The great con artist was arrested.  He cheated the owner of a computer shop of around 300k baht.

– Holy water from 9 temples can remove red shirt curse and protect prime minister Poo [Yingluck].

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