Thai-language Headlines of September 7, 2011

Matichon, September 7, 2011

– Re-organize aide-de-camp, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture. A big lot rotation.

– Poo ordered a retreat on the Sovereign Wealth Fund project, she confirmed that it’s not an urgent issue.

– 3 Cambodian provocateurs will be in jail for 2 years. “Surakiat” revealed that “Suthep” had secret conversation with Sok-an.

– The government will pay 5000 Baht per household to prevent the flood in 60 days.

Daily News, September 7, 2011

– Green light for cabinet go beyond the Office of the National Security Council [NSC], Move “Tawin” to be the consultant as mentioned. Yinluck confirmed she conducted the rotation properly.

– The list of 9 members of the Shadow Government.

– Office of National Anti-Corruption and Commission revealed Ms. Jaruwan [Ex-State Audit Commission] organized the false seminar in 2004.

– Unstable situation in the south of Thailand. Thief shot a teacher and burned people in tea cafe.

Komchadluek, September 7, 2011

– Secretary of NSC said it’s unfair rotation. Tawin will sue, Yingluck is not afraid of transferring 6 big positions in Ministry of Finance.

– Poo is hurry to solve the flood problem in the old town, Ayuthaya. The dam can hold water up until 10 September. She is worried about the big rain coming on 9-12 Sep.

– Padermchai doesn’t want to negotiate about the 300 baht wage issue. He confirmed to go on with 7 provinces [only] first. He doesn’t care if labours sue him and says the government did their best already.

– Office of National Anti-Corruption and Commission revealed Ms. Jaruwan [Ex-State Audit Commission] reimbursed the budget of the false seminar.

Thairath, September 7, 2011

– Tawin complained to OCSC: Office of The Civil Service Commission. He would like to sue to administrative tribunal. He claims it’s not a fair transfer.

– Prime Minister Poo chooses to visit Cambodia for the first country [to visit during her term as PM].

– Killed and burned teacher on the road.

– The cabinet gives 866 million baht to solve flood problem.

– Two men arrested at Nakhon Phanom Province as they were trying to smuggle dogs across the Mekhong River to Vietnam.

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