Thai-language Headlines of September 6, 2011

Komchadluek, September 6, 2011

– Building 155 meter dam in Patumtani Province to prevent the flood coming to Bangkok

– Bone cancer killed “Koongnang” Thai country song singer

–  Thai labors asking for 300 baht [minimum wage] They intend to sue if the prime minister doesn’t keep her word.

–  Tawin was moved to be Poo’s [nickname of PM Yingluck] consultant. Kowit welcomes Wichian to open wine to celebrate. Poo will call a meeting by 12-16 September to vote “Priewpan” to be the Commissioner-General [of the police] and support “Pranai” to be the permanent of ministry of the interior.  She confirmed “Pracha” didn’t move from director-general of DDSI. [This is all about the reshuffle to replace the police chief.]

– Inviting “Pohkoon” priest to have an abdomen operation at Sirirath Hospital on September 8.

–  Arrest year-four university student who deceived girls by chatting through Facebook. He deceived her to go a hotel and robbed her. He did 6 times already.

– “Pracha” ordered to hurry to solve overpopulation in prisons in Pattanee province. Prisoners fight with each others. 1 died and 2 were injured. The reason is a misunderstanding between Thais and Muslims.

–  “Chalerm” refers to the Thai law, confirmed “Thaksin” doesn’t need to be punished now. They will request forgiveness. “Pracha” said he didn’t get any report from Department of Corrections. He confirmed he will follow the law.

Matichon, September 6, 2011

– 11 members of the National Broadcasting and Telecom Commission [NBTC] are selected by secret ballot [most are from the army]

– D-Day – 13th September 2011 to appoint Mr. Pranai to replace Mr. Wichian [referring to the new chief of police]

– THe Democratic party will be re-organized.

– The King advised “Sufficiency Economy” can help Thailand survive

– In this coming 4 years of the government, Ms. Yingluck will invest 11 million million baht.

– Worawat goes on to solve teachers’ debt problems. The police are doing research to adjust [their] salaries.

–  2 departments requested 1.2 hundred billion baht to support 4 projects to solve floods in Thailand.

Thairath, September 6, 2011

–  “Chalerm” requested to have forgiveness for “Thaksin” 

–  11 members of NBCT came from the list of soldiers

–  Kowit talked to Tawin already, Pheu Thai is in a hurry to rotate the permanent of ministry of interior [this refers to the efforts to unseat the permanent minister who is a Newin/Bhumjaithai loyalist]

– 11 members of NBCT were selected.

Daily News, September 6, 2011

– “Sufficiency Economy” is not a toy – the king reminded all Thai people

– 11 members of NBCT were selected. Mainly comes from the Army.

– Cancer killed “Koongnang”

– Transportation costs will increase while five product prices will be decreased. Transportation business owners will sue the police who take levies [bribes] and make the cost of products higher.

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