Thai-language Headlines of September 5, 2011

Matichon, September 5, 2011

–  “Poo” assigned “Kowit” to clear up about the “Tawin” rotation issue. She confirmed he didn’t make any mistake. He has to rotate because that department needs more help. [Tawin, Secretary-General of the NSC, is being moved to a new position to make way for Police Chief Wichean, who is being moved to allow Thaksin’s brother-in-law to take up the post of chief.]

–  Mr. Tawin (Secretary-General of the NSC) gives an interview about his rotation.  He’s rather upset because the power is as not much as before even with a higher position.

– DTRI rejected the rice buying project. It has a bad effect on the system.  There would be people who speculate about this project. “Teerachai” revealed the Bank of Thailand has a debt of more than 4.3 trillion baht.

– Supreme Court appeal – Thaksin is in violation of government law.  Yingluck has to postpone the pardon for her brother. Mark [Abhisit] says there are 3 people involved in this case of Thaksin.

– 50,000 teachers in Thailand are happy to get the advantage. Teachers who get a salary of less than 15,000 will benefit from the policy to increase the minimum salary for Bachelor degree graduate students to 15,000.

– Hurry to recruit 11 members of NBTC. It will be completed by 5 September. There won’t be a lobby [partial people] in this recruitment.

– The government renews the flood project. Flood in Pichit province is 3 meters high. 15 people died.

– Mr. Suapong [Foreign Minister] gave an interview that he would like to build up the relationship with Saudi Arabia [to be as] as good as before.

Thairath, September 5, 2011

– Teenagers brawled at Reggae on the Rock at Cha-am. 200 people injured. Not only fighting, but also throwing acid.

– Prime Minister Poo [PM of Thaksin] is not in a hurry to pardon Thaksin. 

– Hurry to solve the flood problem, assigned the governors of 9 provinces to look after it.

– The police used the Ministry of Culture’s van to carry illegal wood.

– A woman was raped and killed by more than 2 men. They used something heavy to hit her head and face, and put her body in the forest.

– Animal cruelty campaign rally in front of Lumpini Park. They want the law of animal cruelty can be activated.

Komchadluek, September 5, 2011

– Typhoon in Japan, 19 people died, 30 people missing on 4 September.

–  Yingluck confirmed that Tawin didn’t make a mistake. She assigned Kowit to clear everything. Tawin said this transfer is not fair. If it is not clear by 6 September, he will sue to administrative tribunal. 

– Poo is not in a hurry to pardon Thaksin. Mark suggested her to use power in the right way.

–  Teenagers quarreled at Reggae on the rock in Cha-am.  200 people injured, the police found guns, knives, and acid.

– Prime Minister called an urgent meeting with 9 governors about flood in the Thailand’s old town (Patumthani, Ayuthaya)

– Animal cruelness campaign rally in front of Lumpini park.  They want the law of animal cruelty can be activated.

Daily News, September 5, 2011

– Hunting the list to appeal to supreme court about Thaksin is against the tradition.  Someone doesn’t satisfy that Poo helps UDD about the list of soldier’s rotation.

– Flooding in Thailand need to be solved.

– Drugs dealers were arrested. 30 cars and 100 cows were confiscated. 

– Wichean went to a temple at the south. He’s bored of politics. Mark incited Tawin to sue Poo if this rotation is not fair. [referring to Gen. Wichean’s transfer from police chief]

– Got drunk and drove, died in car.

– Worried patients commit suicide.

– People color blindness want the Ministry of Transportation to revise rules and regulations about driving.

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