Thai-language Headlines of September 30, 2011

Komchadluek, September 30, 2011
– Chiang Mai is wrecked with 3,000 million baht [damages]. Yingluck has assigned ministers to monitor the situation closely and all the flood victims were to be taken care of.
– The Government plans to borrow 10 billion baht from Commercial Banks to finance domestic fuel subsidies.
– The undertaker at the Paiean Temple was sentenced 3 years and 4 months for the illegal hiding 2,002 corpses of fetuses.
– Mako clinic was raided and charged with illegal brightening cream.

Matichon, September 30, 2011
– Flood all over its roof, college in Nakorn Sawan was flooded in an hour.
– Somkit, who is the director of Thammasart University, implicated Preedee and made Preedee’s daughter angry. [Somkit is the director of Thammasart University raised 15 questions for the Nitirat group of judges who are pushing forward recommendations that appear designed to allow Thaksin to return. The 11th question referred to previous coup leaders including Mr. Pridi Phanomyong. Ms. Dusadee, Pridi’s granddaughter, was angry at Somkit because she thinks the 2006 coup is not related to the ones in the past.]
– Seizure of Chuwit’s Bt3.4 million baht related to laundering by his massage parlors. [referring to money related to prostitution at Chuwit businesses]
– Rice mortgage for farmers will be started in first in 31 provinces.
– The name list of 35 commissioners was finalized yesterday. 

Thairath, September 30, 2011
-Chiang Mai is wrecked with 5 billion baht [damage]. Chaotic evacuation all around.
-Pheu Thai chases the commissioners to investigate the local budget. They suspect that it related to Newin.
– Seizure of Chuwit’s Bt3.4 million baht.
– The police explore a casino in Mengjai, but it’s still under construction.  Chuvit Kamolvisit says a new, large casino has been built in Huai Khwang and is expected to open soon.
– Undertakers who hid 2002 fetuses gets jail for 3 years. 

Daily News, September 30, 2011
– Bangkok is under the threat of flooding as a huge amount of water has reached Rangsit.
– The high court have reached the conclusion that Mr. Chuvit Kamolvisit was guilty under the money laundering law.
– A gang of youngster was arrested and charged with the brutal [beating] of a man.
– 35 name lists of the House of Representative committees was finalized. Karun Hosakul will be in charge of the CNS. [referring to the Red Shirt charged with terrorism who will be in charge of the committee dealing with security affairs, justice, human rights and police affairs]

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