Thai-language Headlines of September 29, 2011

Komchadluek, September 29, 2011
– Crisis in Chiang Mai, flood flew rapidly in Ping river, 4 died. Watching carefully at floodgates in Patumthani province.
– Many people are interested in the asset and liability accounts of the government at the NACC office.
– 4 soldiers die in a southern orchard. Suspected insurgents attacked Narathiwat’s 30th special task force’s six-strong team in a fruit orchard.
– The government has no plan at this stage to allow construction of Thailand’s first legal casino Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said on Wednesday.
– DSI aim to dismiss Mr. Sukhumpan over the fake CCTV cameras.

Matichon, September 29, 2011
– Banharn shows his performance in protecting floods in Supanburee province.  He taught all member of the House of Representatives to take care their provinces. 5 died in Chaing Mai–whole family.
– NACC revealed all Poo’s [Yingluck] cabinet assets and liabilities for 36 people submitted on 10 Aug 2011.
– Prime Minister breaks the casino project and people in Kula field don’t want the casino in their place.
– 4 soldiers die in a southern orchard. Suspected insurgents attacked the Narathiwat 30th special task force unit’s six-strong team in a fruit orchard.

Thairath, September 29, 2011
– 5 died in Chiang Mai–whole family–after heavy rain last night.
– Poo’s cabinet is less poor than Aphisit’s cabinet as they had only 4.7 billion baht.
– A teacher-protection team was ambushed in Narathiwat’s Reu So district yesterday.  Suspected insurgents attacked the Narathiwat 30th special task force unit’s six-strong team. 
– Prime Minister denied wanting to set up a casino in Thailand. It’s not a priority issue. 
– DSI is on process of investigating the Bangkok CCTV cameras. Sukhumpan will take responsibility if he’s wrong.

Daily News, September 29, 2011
– End of Taihang strom, Chiang Mai hit by landslide, floods, 5 dead.  Satellite warns Bangkok will have flash floods in 13 districts.
– 4 soldiers died and 1 primary school student hurt in southern orchard by 18 terrorists.
– Arrested fraud gangsters that cheated people by having them to transfer money to them. They’re all Malaysian. They got almost a billion baht.
– Thaksin and red shirt leaders discussed the police reshuffle – people with personal connections to Pheu Thai will get all leader positions in the police name list. 
– The Ministry of Finance finalizes the fist car policy.

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