Thai-language Headlines of September 26, 2011

Komchadluek, September 26, 2011
– Arisman confirmed he will not return to Thailand as all political cases are not at an end. He’s waiting for amnesty.
– Pra Kasem is more aggressive. He did more clips showing him kicking his parishioner. [this refers to the combative monk who has placed many of his rants on YouTube]
– Democracy Party said Pheu Thai is playing the fool about CCTV. They want the governor of Bangkok position. Aphisit is not afraid of the DSI investigation as those fake CCTV started since Thaksin’s period in office.
– There’s a flood again in Ayuthaya. Everybody helps to protect temples there.

Daily News, September 26, 2011
– Heavy rain-earthquake-Buddha’s relics flooded – Hurry to evacuate people in Mae Hong Son.
– Arisman, the fugitive from Thailand in Cambodia, revealed his thrilling survival story. He said the Thai judicial is not fair. Other leaders will go back to surrender.
– Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and ex-premier Abhisit Vejjajiva prove it’s a Land of Smiles – but they disagree entirely over the new government rice plan.
– Enlightened Jurists challenges the Democrat Party to discuss the results of the coup 5 years ago. They explained that the “for Thaksin” group was not wrong. [refers to the group of judges recommending annulling all acts stemming from the 2006 coup]
–  On process of the [fake] CCTV investigation, Aphisit is not afraid.

Thairath, September 26, 2011
– People in Lobburi are preparing to evacuate. The provincial governor warned there will be flooding again in 3 districts.
– Aphisit is not afraid of a DSI investigation. The fake CCTVs began in Thaksin’s period in the south of Thailand. Pheu Thai is playing the fool to cover their failed management.
– 2 leaders, Yingluck and Aphisit, are presidents of anti-corruption campaign in Suan Lumpini on 25 September 2011.
– Arisman Pongruangrong showed up at a Phnom Penh hotel and called for an end to anti-monarchist allegations against Red Shirts. He is hurt to be accused of disloyalty to the monarchy.
-80,000 pieces of drugs and the drug dealer was arrested in Chiang Rai.

Matichon, September 26, 2011
– Enlightened Jurists don’t support Thaksin. They explained about 7 proposals to wipe out [actions resulting from the] 19 September coup.
– Arisman reveals he escaped to Cambodia with Hun Sen’s help.
– Yingluck has sympathy towards two boys who were killed when a flash flood swept over their village. The disaster prevention and mitigation department warned residents of 9 provinces to brace themselves for landslides.
– Pranai is waiting to be permanent secretary of the Ministry of Interior.  He plans to appoint Wongsak to be Exchequer, Chanceller of the ministry of interior’s assistants, and also plans to dismiss other administrators with personal connections of the Bhumjaithai Party.
– Reshuffle more than 38 positions of chief of national parks by the director-general of DNP and proposes the Payoong wood case to be an important case [to be investigated]. More seriousness, more punishment.

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