Thai-language Headlines of September 20, 2011

Komchadluek, September 20,2011
– Mow down the forest to sell and plant some rubber tree instead.
– 500 fake CCTVs in Bangkok. They’re set up falsely [to deter] criminals and protesters.  Mr. Sukumpan confirmed that he didn’t cheat on that.
– There’s a video clip of a acrobatic priest.

Daily News, September 20, 2011
– The King said Kundarn dam uses new technology. It will give benefit to people and irrigation in the central area of Thailand.
– Double lucky for Thai people: Tax reduction of 500k for buying a first house.
– Utaithani was sunk [underwater]. All fish died valued at 10 million baht. 1 day of flooding killed 8 people. Farmers are angry and go to government house to request compensation from rice insurance.
– Aphisit disagreed with the enlightened jurists. Chalerm confirmed that’s difficult to be done. [refers to the judges who came out yesterday to say all the acts of the coup government should be annulled–which would also mean verdicts convicting Thaksin]
– The rumor in Thai politics is that Yingluck would like to eliminate the power of the previous government. Sukit and Pracha might be return to their position. 

Matichon, September 20,2011
– Kasit criticized Hun Sen for supporting a Thai fugitive, Thaksin. However, Cambodia still insisted to give a medal to Thaksin.
– Thaksin showed vision while giving lectures on economics to Cambodian parliamentarians and businessmen that Asia must fight against a world economic slow down.
– The government pushes a tax cut scheme for first time home buyer for cabinet approval for a 10% tax deduction on houses costing up to 5 million baht.
– Yingluck posted a picture of her having a lunch at government house canteen on her Facebook page to defend against the accusation of having expensive meals which cost 200,000 baht as rumored.

Thairath, September 20,2011
– The King said Kundarn dam project in Nakornnayok uses new technology. It will give benefit to people and irrigation in central area of Thailand.
– Hunting the cruel fortune teller in Prajuabkeereekan province. He killed his wife, daughter and nephew and put them to sack and threw them in the river.
– 2 murder cases. Shot taxi driver because of a business conflict and someone beaten to death for another case. Police can arrest only one of the murderers.
– Prime Minister leads her team to have lunch at the canteen to refute the rumor that he meals cost 200,000 baht and also the 5th years anniversary of the coup.
– Ms. Apaporn’s ATM data was stolen. She lost 180,000 Baht from her Kbank account.

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