Thai-language Headlines of September 19, 2011

Komchadluek, September 19, 2011
– Enlightened jurists made a statement that Thaksin could overturn judgements against him.
– Two outlaws who are members of RKK swear not to be involved in the car bomb case in Sugaikolok – [thought that it] involves drug gangster in the south of Thailand.
– Director of Department of Agriculture confirmed there’s toxic left over in insecticide. The demonstration will be happened in 22 September.

Matichon, September 19, 2011
– Enlightened jurists make a statement about canceling the coup’s results, and suggest to fire the Council for National Security, the Assets Examination Committee, and cancel the 2007 Constitution of Thailand.
– The government will appoint Pranai to be Ministry of Interior’s permanent secretary on 20 September.
– Pichit is not satisfied about rice insurance. They broke a promise about compensation.
– Deputy Minister of ICT will investigate 100 ICT centers because he thinks they are not completely efficient. There would be cheating inside.

Daily News, September 19, 2011
– A family of three members was murdered, including an 11-month-old baby, by a ruthless gang to rob 100,000 baht.
– Red Shirt loyalist the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) gathered in the capital to both mark the 5th Anniversary of the 2006 Military coup d’etat and to announce full support for Yingluck’s government.
– Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra praised Prime Minister Yingluck as a hard-working and patient woman. He also told supporters to prepare typical Thai food such as papaya salad during her visit.
– A vintage World War II plane crashed near a crowd of spectators at a Nevada Air Show.

ThaiRath, September 19, 2011
– Farmers from three provinces were gathering and set up a road block to ask for flood dykes to protect and relieve flood waters in their rice growing area.
– It is a good time to reshuffle Mr. Vichian from a post as permanent secretary in the Ministry of Interior and replaced by Mr. Pranai.
– A drunken man played Russian roulette and killed his friend while drinking at a pub.
– Tawin Meesap, the chief of Taplan National Park was rewarded with the best government official for 2554.

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