Thai-language Headlines of September 15, 2011

Komchadluek, September 15, 2011
–  Red Shirts are preparing to visit Cambodia, Hunsen holds off releasing Veera and Ratree. He is afraid people can see two standards.
–  Koh Kred is sunk [under water]. Nonthaburi can’t hold back the deluge. The dyke at Singburi is broken, so water is coming to Lopburi.
– Pohkoon priest is doing physical therapy in Sirirat Hospital on 14 September 2011.
– A university student lost with her Mercedes for a month. Her mother suspects her boyfriend, who is a rich guy, of doing business with it as [it reappeared] covered with dirt.
– The Ministry of Justice said the transfers do not involve helping with Thaksin issues. Next week they will finalize all positions.
– All car leasing companies are afraid that consumers will abandon [leasing] their cars after people get the 1st year tax refund [on buying new cars].

Matichon, September 15, 2011
– The positions of Ministry of Defense’s permanent positions do not seem appropriate. Poo [Yingluck] returns the [reshuffle] list of soldiers, Ukrit appoints the committee on the juristic act. [referring to fears the reshuffle of permanent officials is being done to facilitate a Thaksin pardon]
– Yingluck visits Cambodia to discuss about petrol and gas.
– Mr. Sombat Boonngamanong, the leader of the 19 September Against the Coup group, is penalized for 2 years. [for activities violating the emergency law during the Red Shirt siege of Bangkok in 2010]
– The Prime Minister is the recipient of deluge donations directly. She raised more than 100 million baht in 5 minutes.

Thairath, September 15, 2011
– Chalerm confirmed that the government will work to pardon Thaksin.
– A bridge broke down because the Chao Phaya river washed it out. All water is going to Lobburi now.
– Utaithani-koh Taepo will be under water. More than 7000 people evacuated.
– A soldier killed his superior officiers because he quarreled with his friends and made him go crazy.

Daily News, September 15, 2011
– 6 districts of Nonthaburi were underwater from the deluge. Many crocodiles are around.
– Poo slighted Yuthasak, she supported Satien to be permanent of Ministry of Defense.
– All car leasing companies will increase the down payment to prevent consumers from abandoning their cars after they get the tax refund [on first time car sales].
– To cut the amphetamine business cycle, [the authorities] will no longer allow sales of some cold medicines which have pseudoephedrine.
– A girl university student was missing for a month with her car. Her mother suspects her boyfriend.
– The constabulary would like to raid a casino in Taopoon but couldn’t get inside.

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