Thai-language Headlines of September 14, 2011

Komchadluek, September 14, 2011
– Cambodia is seeking a royal pardon for Veera Somkwamkid and Ratri Pipattanaopaiboon which should be released on the 15th of September 2011 during Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s visit to Cambodia.
– The Cabinet has already approved government rebates for up to 100,000 baht in excise tax on the first purchase of a car or pickup truck (the vehicle must cost less than 1 million baht and it cannot be sold within the first five years) from 16th September 2011 to the end of next year.
– Leila Lopes of Angola was crowned as Miss Universe 2011.
– At the Million Stone Park and Crocodile Farm in Pattaya, many crocodiles have escaped after the heavy rain which caused a flood.
– Wichian is waiting to his new position. The government is waiting for Chalerm to finalize the transfers in the Ministry of Justice.

Thairath, September 14, 2011
– Still having transferred in the Ministry of Justice. The Democrat Party isn’t satisfied and claims this is for helping Thaksin. They chase Yingluck to solve many problem for Thai people instead of doing self-serving things.
– Flooding from the Chao Phraya River cascades across the main highway in central Ang Thong province, as rain pelts down, the death toll rises and floods move towards Bangkok.
– German girls was killed [and found] nude. Her hands and feet tied up and then put in to the Chao Phraya River.
– Lottery hunting [lucky numbers] from the prime minister’s van license plate number, the age of a Pohkoon priest, and “9/11” from the World Trade Center collapse.
– Father shot his step daughter in the fresh produce market in Hua Hin. The reason is that her father quarreled with her mother. 
– Miss Universe is Miss Angola aged 25 years old. Miss Chinese and Miss Philippines are the 4th and 5th.

Daily News, September 14, 2011
– Green light to transfers, Suchart is the head of the Ministry of Justice, discharging Chartchai to be deputy permanent [secretary] and Ukrit to be director of the rule of law committee.
– Hunting the rampant crocodile in the canals in Pattaya. It came because of a big deluge.
– Cruel murder of a German girl in the Chao Phraya River.
– Picking four populist measures to please Thai people. Tax refund for the 1st car, to rice pawn plan, extension of diesel tax decrease for more 3 months, and extension of the income tax decrease for 3 more years [to promote] enterprise.
– The administrative court judge the cancels that homosexual people are psychosis. Now it’s a human right [issue].

Matichon, September 14, 2011
– Hun Sen unveiled that Suthep had unofficially entered Cambodia three times with the attempt to have a private talk relating to oil and gas.
– Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has encouraged each minister to visit the flood-hit provinces with the approved budget to help flood victims.
– Thai government threat to report each official in each province if they are reluctant or fail to give full co-operation to crack down on the drug problem. Government also announced that “party pills” are widespread in society again.
– The Cabinet has already approved government rebates for up to 100,000 baht in excise tax on the first purchase of a car or pickup truck will start this Friday.

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