Thai-language Headlines of September 13, 2011

Komchadluek, September 13, 2011
– The King would like Military Judicial Commission to be honest and have fairness.
– Raining cats and dogs destroyed 300 houses.
– Found 6 bodies after the sudden deluge in Rayong.
– Building collapse, 4 killed, because it was washed-out and impacted by landslide in Saraburi.
– Thaksin is coming for sure. Hunsen accepted Thaksin to visit Cambodia on 16-24 Sep. He said they won’t discuss energy [oil] issues.
– Big shake-up in the Ministry of Justice.

Daily News, September 13, 2011
– The King spoke to the Military Judicial Commission to have fairness and all Thailand will be happy.
– Apartment collapse because of the use of substandard iron. 4 killed and 1 hurt.
– Big flood in Patumthani
– Plan to recruit and develop 128 doctor’s degree police men to suppress all drugs dealers using websites.
– Drunk man shot an employee at petrol station while he was filling up gas, because the boy made him angry.

Thairath, September 13, 2011
–  Hunsen confirmed Thaksin will visit Cambodia. Pheu Thai is worried as they don’t allow Poo to meet her brother.
– 3 story apartment collapsed, 4 killed and 1 injured, because of the heavy rain and landslide.
– Arrested a drug producer in the city [Bangkuntien]. They produced 11 kg. of drugs or 1.5 hundred thousand pieces of drugs.
– Almost over limit of the dam, Bangkok might be inundated.
– Indonesia is willing to solve the bad situation in south of Thailand.
– 3 women reported to the police about a charlatan. He claimed that he was a millionaire, and cheated them of almost 100k baht.

Matichon, September 13, 2011
– Heavy rains and storm made the building collapse. There were 4 killed.
– Hunsen prepares to welcome Thaksin to visit Cambodia. He was invited to be a lecturer for “World Economic” topic.
– Ministry of Finance proposed the government to get an approval for 30 billion budget for first car tax refund project. The condition is amount must not over 100k baht and that car can’t be resold for 5 years.
– Big Oob discussed with DEA to gather all evidence about many police men involved with drug dealers.

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