Thai-language Headlines of September 12, 2011

Thairath, September 12, 2011
-The national agenda [policies of the new government] will in place in 1 year. The government is engrossed in drug suppression.
– Mafia in black smashed stalls beside Central [in front of The One Park Lad Prea – this is a typical way to clear business squatters from land]
– Raining cats and dogs, floods all over Thailand
– Democrat Party warns there will be a political crisis again because this government uses their power over the limit to help Thaksin
– Today is 1 decade anniversary of World Trade Center sabotage in US

Daily News, September 12,2011
– Applying a plan for Thaksin – This government kicks off a new crackdown on illicit drugs – Target is to decrease [drugs by] 80%
– The Meteorological Department warns the situation must be handled – Simultaneous deluge in 34 provinces
– Chumlong keeps an eye on Thaksin’s absolution. If it’s unfair, there will be big problems in Thailand.
– Conflict among partners and the owner of Ayuthaya Water market – Wife confirms that this murder was set up. 
– Phuket sea sank a yacht valued at 30 million baht that broke down – Lucky that the German family could be rescued. 

Matichon, September 12, 2011
– Democrat party incited 31 chiefs to follow “Tawin’s model” and sue because of their transfer [refers to the mass transfer of permanent officials by the new government – here the Democrats are encouraging those who were transferred to sue]
– The Ministry of Finance supported the government to implement the “Tax refund for the first car” policy this 13 September
– The government has kicked off its anti-drugs push with a pledge to get tough on dealers and traffickers, but to help rehabilitate, rather than punish, addicts so they may later re-enter society.

Komchadluek, September 12, 2011
– The government launched an aggressive anti-drugs campaign against dealers and traffickers. The government will take tough measures against the drug problem and target an 80% reduction within 1 year.
– With the increasing water level, there are 2 dams under critical condition and expect to have the capacity to hold water for only 20 days.
– Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung challenged the opposition Democrats to file a motion to formally ask the government about the procedure for seeking a Royal Pardon for ousted former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

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