Thai-language Headlines of October 7, 2011

Thairath, October 7, 2011
– Main highway to North swamped, jail evacuated. Flood misery worsened in Ayutthaya yesterday as more water surged through damaged flood walls, forcing the closure of the country’s vital highway to the North and the evacuation of the provincial prison.
– Liver cancer killed Apple godfather [Steve Jobs].
– Pheu Thai explained that the Defense Ministry Administrative Act must be amended because it’s out of date now. They are not afraid of a coup from military.
– Ex-Weightlifting girl’s house was robbed on her birthday. Total value stolen around 10 million baht.
– A woman was murdered and robbed of gold in her house.
– Prepare to release 80,000 prisoners from the amnesty.

Komchadluek, October 7, 2011
– Narathiwat teacher was shot death. This is the 148th death.
– More than 2 million residents suffer from the flood in 28 provinces.
– Medical staff rushed to evacuate patients from Ayutthaya province’s Bang Pra Han hospital yesterday after flood waters one-meter deep submerged the hospital entrance.  Asia road paralyzed, also 1700 prisoners evacuate.
– Pat from Powerpat jailed for 50 years for drug case.
– A university student worked part-time as selling rubbish. He found many diamonds valued at 10 million baht. He returned them to the owner. The owner was happy and said just wanted to hide them from a thief, but the servant threw it away.

Matichon, October 6, 2011
– Ayutthaya is worsening as more water surged through damaged flood walls. The increasing of water automatically forcing the closure of the country’s vital highway to the North and cause a worst traffic on this route.
– The California Institute of Technology or Caltech was ranked number one instead of Harvard University (8 times world number one) in the world’s top universities for 2011-2012 by Times Higher Education (THE).
– Mr. Chuwit unveiled a clip of the rich smuggling from Cambodia to Thailand to claim money from the rice mortgage scheme. 
– A singer, named Pat, was jailed for 50 years by the Supreme Court for drug trading.
– World grieves for the lost of Steve Jobs at the age of 56 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Obama saluted Apple as one of the most successful companies.

Daily News, October 6, 2011
– The robber Bangkok bank in Horkarnka University was arrested. He wants money for his enrollment.
– Ayuthaya was underwater – Asia road paralyzed.
– Jailed for 50 years and 1 million baht fee for drug dealer Pat from Powerpat.
– 1.3 hundred billion baht disaster from deluge in Ayuthaya. Honda shut down its factory.
– Liver cancer killed Apple godfather, Steve Jobs.

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