Thai-language Headlines of October 6, 2011

Komchadluek, October 6, 2011
– Increased water discharged from Bhumibol dam has added flood woes to Ayuthaya province. As a consequence, a large number of industrial factories have been inundated and led to the loss of 30 billion baht.
– A hacker was arrested and ICT confirmed that the suspect is not a scapegoat.
– Pra Kasem was given an extension of up to 24 hours to leave the monk hood. If Pra Kasem resist to obey the order, he will be arrested for monk imitation.
– A 26-year-old Vietnamese woman complained against a doctor. She’s got a seafood allergy and the doctor gave her drugs to cure her, but these drugs made her skin atrophy and look like an old woman.
– A drug trafficking suspect was killed on Mekong River in Thailand and authorities confiscated 1 million methamphetamine pills.

Thairath, October 6, 2011
– Flooding water high 3 meters and will inflict at least Bt30 billion in losses on the Thai economy, and the losses will continue to increase because of their prolonged impact.
– ICT arrest the hacker of PM’s Twitter account. He’s a university student from a famous university. He will be jailed 2 years or be fined not over 40,000 baht.
– Prayuth is mad at the Red Shirt group that pushes too much on the military. He disagrees on the act of parliament revision [relating to the board overseeing military reshuffles]. He defies them to dismiss him if he is not a benefit to their army.
– Police captain jailed for 26 years for his robbery at a gold shop and shooting one police officer.
– The Central Wage Committee is expected to finalize the 300 baht daily minimum wage for workers in all provinces on October 17.

Daily News, October 6, 2011
– Big flood’s coming to Bangkok, effects factories, to cost 30 billion baht. More traffic in Bangkok.
– Investigators have nabbed a student who allegedly posted false messages on Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s Twitter account, but the identity of the person who hacked into the system to gain the PM’s password remains a mystery.
– Punishing a police captain who robbed a gold shop and killed a policeman–jailed for 26 years.
– International drug dealer gangsters shoot at Thai police officers by the Kong River. They hide about a million drug pill in a cargo ship.  Directors-general of Department of Corrections ordered to check all prisoners’ mobiles to suppress all drug gangs.
– The best technology of vaccine award goes to Sirirach Hospital team who can produce an allergy vaccine for must mites.

Matichon, October 6, 2011
– PM’s twitter hacker surrendered. He is a university student. He admitted that he just wanted to prove he could do it.
– Increased water discharge from the Bhumibol Dam in Tak has threatened to add flood woes to provinces downstream, including Ayutthaya where a large number of industrial factories have been inundated since Tuesday.
– Thammasart University students inform the university council to investigate the university director who insulted Mr. Pridi Panomyong. [this refers to a comment opposing annulling post-coup acts that lumped Pridi in with other, less savory, coup leaders]
– Poo [Yingluck] will execute the rice pledging and house loan project on 11 Oct.
– Jailed for life – A police captain who robbed a gold shop and had to repay 1.8 million baht.

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