Thai-language Headlines of October 4, 2011

Komchadluek, October 4, 2011
– Information and Communication Technology (ICT) minister claimed that he has evidence against a person who had hacked Ms. Yingluck’s Twitter account. As a consequence of hacking, Ms Yingluck has no intention to create a new Twitter account in the near future.
– With the flooding situation in the central regions continuing to worsen, the Department of Irrigation has agreed to drain more water from the central regions.
– District Administration Organization’s family murdered in Lopburi. The reason is business conflict issue. 
– DEA reviewed their black lists of big drug dealers. There’re 500 retail dealers around Bangkok. Court will swear out warrants for all of them.

Daily News, October 4, 2011
–  Nangae storm hits October 6-8. PM is hurrying to solve the flood problem. Now the airport in Lampang is closed down.
– ICT is gathering all evidences about PM’s Twitter hacking. They will arrest him as soon as possible.
– “Took” confirmed to fight for her children. She is still keeps secret about Buay asking to divorce.
– Policeman and his wife and more 14 policemen’s wives in the same police station were jailed 20 years each. They bought whiskey outside of Thailand and sold it in restaurants.
– Chalerm released some drug prisoners to do drug rehabilitation and also will arrest all drug dealers on his list.

Thairath, October 4, 2011
– Heavy flood. Monks have to eat beside the road. 60,000 people in Lobburi will evacuate. There’s flooding in Lampang airport. PM is hurrying to solve this situation.
– Customs seized 12 containers of Payoong wood valued at 60 million baht.
– Propose budget of 6 billion baht to give a bonus to government officials. 
– District Administration Organization’s family murdered in Lopburi. The reason is business conflict issue. 

Matichon, October 4, 2011
– Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has decided to take a break from Twitter after her account was taken over by a hacker who mocked and criticized her.
– Banharn warns Pasak dam will break, Chao Phraya river will overflow. Harbour Department doesn’t allow sailing.
– Thai stocks going down around 47 points, Thai baht is depreciated. Thai economy will be in crisis in 3-6 months.
– Chalerm revealed that around 1,000 officials are involved in the drug business. He further ordered 120 areas investigated in Bangkok.

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