Thai-language Headlines of October 3, 2011

Komchadluek, October 3, 2011
– Minister of parliament together with a mob from Singburi Province rallied to push Yingluck to drain water to Supanburi province. This is because Supanburi is the only province which is not facing flooding problem unlike surrounding areas, for example, Singburi.
– There is a black market at Nana Road which has been opened to buy Eaglewood to send to Middle East market.
– Yingluck’s Twitter account was hacked and eight messages were posted to it. As a consequence, Information Communication and Technology (ICT) is chasing a hacker who had used a mobile phone application to access Yingluck’s account.
– Phra Kasem was ordered to leave the monk hood within three days. However, Phra Kasem announced aggressively that he he will never leave the monk hood if he is not proved guilty [first]. [this refers to the monk who has posted videos of himself online preaching and acting an an aggressive way]

Thairath, October 3, 2011
– The Bangchomsee watergate in Angthong will be fixed and done in 15 days.   400,000 people are sick now. There’s a risk [some will] commit suicide.
– Prime Minister’s twitter’s page was hacked. They post bad things and attack the cabinet.
– A soldier was sent to be in charged in the south of Thailand, but it was found that he committed suicide. His mother didn’t believe that, so she requested to check more and found some signs he had been injured.

Daily News, October 3, 2011
– Bhimipol dam is in crisis, water will flow out rapidly and 2 provinces will be flooded.
– Tour bus overshoots a curve, 7 die and many hurt. The reason was rain and driving too fast.
– Pheu Thai revealed 9 plans to overthrow this government. Mr. Chavalit warns this government not to overstep the military. PM’s twitter account was hacked.
– There was robbery of around 65,000 baht from a bank in Horkarnka University.

Matichon, October 3, 2011
– PM’s twitter account was hacked and she’s was criticized [in the hacked posts]. ICT said that they know who the person is. They will arrest him.
– There’s a protest in Lobburi and Singburi, people want Poo to hurry fixing the Bangchomsri watergate.
– Ms. Darunee, who is one of the UDD, to surrender herself.
– There’s a politicians’ group that want to overthrow Poo’s government. They have 9 plans for that. CNS reported.
– Mr. Chavalit Yongjaiyuth suggests Poo to oversee overall policy only, not to overstep to military.

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