Thai-language Headlines of October 20, 2011

Komchadluek, October 20, 2011
– FROC has warned that seven areas of Bangkok are at the risk of flooding because the massive amount of floodwater is surging in to Bangkok. Residents are asked to prepare for severe flooding by moved necessary things up to higher levels in an attempt to avoid the water. At the outskirts of the Bangkok area, especially Patumtani, Nontaburi and Bang Bua Thong, are under the floodwaters.
– After eight industrial estates are wrecked by flooding and this leads to a massive loss of money, the Ministry of Commerce is afraid that foreign investors will not be interested to invest in Thailand if the water management systems are well organized.
– Sudarat claims that the critical situation has forced her to step up to provide the solution to government.
– Poo was attacked; people said that she is an unperforming leader. She is ashamed that Ms. Sudarat arrives on the scene to solve flood problem.

Matichon, October 20, 2011
– 7 districts in Bangkok are in a hurry to evacuate.
– 2 villages [Bangpoon and Saranrom-Sinthorn] were chaotic because the big volume of water came in middle of last night.
– Tong [Ministry of Commerce chancellor of the exchequer] confirmed that Thailand can recover, but worries that foreign investors might move production bases out of Thailand.
– Priewpan is the official Commissioner-General [Chief of Police], the voting was unanimous in the meeting.
– The labor union attacked the MCOT board in that they protected Mr. Tanawat who ruined MCOT.

Thairath, October 20, 2011
– FROC announced 5 provinces can’t be protected. Poo was attacked that she is ineffectual, so Ms. Sudarat has to change the plan to drain water and solve this problem.
– Priewpan is an official Commissioner-General.
– Warnings that 7 districts in Bangkok are in danger. All residences must prepare to evacuate. [Saimai, Bangkane, Klhongsamwa, Nongjok, Meenburee, Ladkrabang, Kannayaw]
– Chalerm refused the news about he demanded the Ministry of Defense not be afraid of soldiers. He claimed that he didn’t blame soldiers and the media misunderstood [the situation].
– 100 Chinese couples get married in Thai style in Chonburi.

Daily News, October 20, 2011
– Water will flow rapidly to Bangkok within 48 hours. All residences in 7 danger districts must evacuate. Water is still increasing in 4 provinces.
– Democrat party will sue Mr. Robert [Thaksin lobbyist Robert Amsterdam] in the case of his libeling them [the Democrat party] as a soldier’s party.
– Proposing three defensive measures to transfer social security’s money for 5 billion baht to spend on labor wage [for flood victims]
– A woman was masturbated by her dog. After she’s done, instead of pushing her dog away, she was severely bitten. She said her husband ignored her and she had stress from the flood. A doctor warns it’s very dangerous, don’t do queer masturbation.
– Preiwpan is an the official Commissioner-General. He starts to solve the flood problem.

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