Thai-language Headlines of October 19, 2011

Komchadluek, October 19, 2011
– Flood waters destroyed some sections of the temporary dyke built along Rapheephat Canal yesterday afternoon, flooding some residences in Khlong Luang district’s Khlong 3 and 4 areas, Prime Minister led an airborne inspection of the severely flooded Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate.
– Foreign investors might move away from Thailand. The government got an idea about reducing rice farms and selling those lands to support flood relief. Mr. Teerachai verbally attacked Thailand’s bank saying they are not sincere to help all flood victims.
– Democrat Party claimed that that Thaksin aggravates Thailand. Thaksin warned soldiers not to involve with politics because they become megalomaniacs. The Democrats ordered Red Shirts, Amsterdam, and Nitirat to stop creating disharmony.

Thairath, October 19, 2011
– After the Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate was severely hit by flooding, there is a new threat from the leak of toxic chemicals.
– Former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra accused the army of being obsessed with power.
– Most people are not convinced by the announcements from the government’s flood relief center because it had failed the credibility test.
– During the evacuation from flooding at the Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate, a 40-year-old woman gave birth.

Daily News, October 19, 2011
– Flood covers all Rangsit area. Industrial Estate in Lad Krabang shut down. Governor of Bangkok confirmed he can handle flood prevention in the Khlong 6 area.
– Robert [Amsterdam] is gathering information to release all Red Shirts.
– Cabinet ministers approved huge volume of budget to finance reconstruction and aid program for flood relief. They hope there will not be flooding again next year.
– Aide-de-camps requested 200 million baht to prepare Payoong forests. It’s better than planting it again. The Director-general of the Forest Ministry ordered five officers of the National Park dismissed.
– A man got stress from flooding in Lopburi province. The stressed man was got drunk and was trapped under a tree. He shot the chief of the sub-district administration organization [who was trying to help him].

Matichon, October 19, 2011
– Flood waters covered Nava Nakorn and water is coming to Rangsit. Big Too hopes to recover the Rangsit area.
– Government will ask foreign countries to help after the flood ends.
– Pheu Thai sent Mr. Wanlop and appointed him to be the chief of Puea Taam party. They are afraid it will be abolished. [Puea Taam is the backup party for Pheu Thai in case it is legally dissolved]
– Entrepreneurs aren’t satisfied very much about the increase in minimum wage. They claim that the government is black-hearted and [the economic situation is] aggravated from the flood situation.
– The labor union stated that the MCOT board must plead guilty about Tanawat’s case [the head of MCOT that was removed by the government]. They revealed that the previous MCOT director created management problems and made mistakes.

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