Thai-language Headlines of October 18, 2011

Komchadluek, October 18, 2011
– Nava Nakorn broken by flooding. More than 200,000 people hurry to evacuate chaotically.
– Flood rescue center informed people to evacuate. In fact, there are floods in only 10 factories in Nava Nakorn. Poo [Yingluck] was sad that they can’t handle it. 
– This flood makes the Thai economy depressed and is reflected a decreased GDP 1-1.7%. Thailand will get lost around 50 billion baht.
– The minimum wage will be increase 40% all over Thailand. The effective date will be 1 April 2012. It will be 300 Baht for 7 provinces. 
– The Democrat Party is angry and will propose to dismiss the Attorney General because they didn’t submit all the information about the Shinawatra tax avoidance case.

Matichon, October 18, 2011
– The Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate in Pathum Thani has become the latest casualty of flooding as some parts of the estate have been hit by northern runoff, prompting the government to issue immediate evacuation alerts for workers and nearby residents.
– The Thailand bank will extend the loan period and reduce interest rates to help 5 industrial estates. The Government will make loans of 100 billion baht for recovery.
– Matichon Academy brings famous chefs to help cook food for Angthong people [flood victims].
– Italian media’s sister chases her brother’s case [referring to the Italian journalist killed in the 2010 protests]. Police say the case is in process at the DSI.
– Chalerm confirmed Priewpan will be appointed to be Commissioner General [Chief of Police] this 19 Oct. The Ministry of the Interior confirmed Pracha will be dismissed.

Daily News, October 18, 2011
– The Thai economy is getting worse, 10,000 factories suffer, 440,000 people are unemployed.
– Poo gave up, will let the flood come to Bangkok. There’s flooding in klong 8-9 now, the water height 3.5 meters.
– Ple Irin reported to police about a second hand cars shop that cheated her. She got the lower price than was agreed [presumably to sell a car to them].
– Robert [Amsterdam] asked for bail for [detained] UDD [members] and claimed that Thai prisons suck.
– National park increases more security and appoint more officers to suppress people from cutting Payoong wood.

Thairath, October 18, 2011
– The Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate was partially submerged following a breach in its northern flood walls. Thousands of people evacuated from the area with turmoil. Prime Minister Yingluck regretted for what has happening and gave an order to restore to situation.
– Warning that massive amounts of water will move to Bangkok on 28th–30th of October.
– The 300 baht daily minimum wage will be deployed in 7 provinces.
– A man tried to rape a woman, but she could escape and was injured.

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