Thai-language Headlines of October 14, 2011

Komchadluek, October 14, 2011
– Patum Thani suffers, 2000 houses udnerwater. Yingluck ordered the digging of 4 more canals to drain water out. She confirmed that Bangkok will survive.
– Jubilant crowds greet Bhutan’s newly married king and and his 21-year-old bride. They greeted huge crowds of well-wishers on Friday as they made their way on foot back to the capital along windy Himalayan roads. People are happy.
– 6 people were killed in Pattani province in 1 day. Chief Executive of the SAO was one of those killed.
– Big Ood [Mr. Yutasak] still proposes to amend the Defense Ministry Administration Act.

Thairath, October 12, 2011
– The watergate at Patun Thani was broke, people hurry to evacuate.  Hi-tech industrial estates were destroyed. Japanese investors cried.
– Pracha confirmed that Bangkok will not flood. Officials can handle it.
– Somjate opposes the Defense Ministry Administration Act amendment, but Pheu Thai doesn’t care. They go on with the amendment.
– The hugely popular 31-year-old king, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, married and crowned [queen] Jetsun Pema, the commoner daughter of an airline pilot, on Thursday in a colorful Buddhist ceremony in the ancient capital of Punakha.
– MCOT board finalized to dismiss Mr. Tanawat [MCOT director] because he didn’t follow his duties in his contract regarding five main points.
– Southern terrorists killed 6 people in Pattani.

Matichon, October 14, 2011
– Yingluck ordered to dig more canals cross over Tajeen. She soothed fears and said that Bangkok won’t have heavy floods.
– Flood centre to drain in 3 directions to stop water coming into Bangkok.
– Simple marriage for the King of Bhutan, Jigme, and Pema.
– Matichon and alliances went to help people in Ayuthaya, Angthong, Chainard, and Lobburi. They gave supplies and money donation and also brought chefs to cook food for people in the 4 provinces.
– Big Ood proposed to amend the Defense Ministry Administration Act. He said it should follow international principles.

Daily News, October 14, 2011
– The flood centre ordered people in Bangkok and Pathumtani to evacuate. Poo is angry that they created confuse [with this unnecessary order].
– Simple and beautiful marriage for the king of Bhutan, Jigme and  Pema.
– Wasan confused that the police dropped the case of Pasit [concerning the posting of clips of judges online discussing the Democrat disbandment case]
– The MCOT board ordered the dismissal of the MCOT director. He work defectively.
– Japanese investors are sad, but they confirmed that they won’t leave Thailand [because of the flood damage].

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