Thai-language Headlines of October 11, 2011


Komchadluek, October 11, 2011
– After months of preventing water entering the town of Nakorn Sawan, a concrete embankment was eventually collapsed which led to a huge amount of floodwater to surge into the town. Despite the chaos at Nakorn Sawan, 13 areas of Bangkok are at the risk of being flooded.
– Police are giving Pra Kasem 15 days to leave the monk hood otherwise a warrant of arrest will be further issued.
– One hundred and eighty thousand employees will be assisted by a Social Security to find a new job as well as 10 billion baht loan will be granted to help flood-affected people to repair houses and factories. Instant noodle (Mama) and fish will continue to be produced and the companies confirm that there will be no shortage in the market.
– Senators warned a member of Pheu Thai party through Prime Minister Yingluck to stay away from pushing for an amendment to the 2008 Defense Ministry Administration Act.

Matichon, October 11, 2011
– Flood in the city, 2 hospitals drowned. Paknampoh broke. There’s flood in Nontaburi province now
– Industrial estates are totally destroyed and lost 500 billion baht.
– Big evacuation in Nakorn Sawan province. Mr. Sukumpan confirmed there’s a plan to take care of flooding in Bangkok.
– Big lot of drug dealers arrested [with drugs] valued at 800 million baht. 3 dealers will be executed.
– President of MPs coordinator confirmed to amend Defense Military Administration Acts and reshuffle the list of soldiers again.

Daily News, October 11, 2011
– Nakorn Sawan is under water. The surge barrier was broke down because a ship crashed into it. People evacuated.
– Afraid of loss in the Thai economy of almost 100 billion baht.
-The Cabinet on Tuesday rejected a holiday proposal from tomorrow to Friday in light of the floods and ruled out the state of emergency for fear of causing panic among foreign visitors.
– Proceed to amend the Defense Military Administration Acts.
– Konkaen University can make purple corn to resist cancer.
– Big lot of amphetamine [dealers] were arrested. Chelerm gave compliments to Priewpan for his performance.

Thairath, October 11, 2011
– Bangkok is near disaster. Flood Relief Operation Center for flood victims is prepared in the case of flooding in Bangkok.
– The Democratic Party is supporting the army by criticizing Mr. Jatuporn for his objective to intervene in the army’s affairs which might subsequently lead to a disunited society.
– Two gangs of drug trafficking were arrested [with drugs] worth 120 millions.
– A bank robber (a foreigner) was arrested yesterday.

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