Thai-language Headlines of November 9, 2011

Komchadluek, November 9, 2011
– It’s time for Ramkamhang-Bangkapi-Rama9 as Khlong Sansabe [will] overflow.
– Pull in Dr. Sumet to be involved with Thailand’s restoration plan. He announces it will be worked out in 1 year.
– 2 industrial estates frightened because there’s flood crisis at Rama 2 and water overflows at Eakachai. They hurry to rescue 2 main roads to the south of Thailand.
– Children’s hospital started moving patients to handle the coming flood that will hit the Victory Monument area real soon.
– The police started to arrest the thief who smashed cars to steal. They targeted cars parked on expressway to escape flooding.

Matichon, November 9, 2011
– Poo made a statement about re-organizing all of the water system. She pulled in Dr. Sumet to be her consultant about this, and assigns Chalerm to prepare the channels to handle the coming flood at Victory Monument.
– Control Reconstruction and Future Development (SCRF) to start working. Dr. Sumet debuts on the Strategic Committee.
– The Democrat Party set up 70 warlords to attack the meeting for next year’s budget. They will discuss that there is too much spending on populism is more than for solving the flood crisis.
– Starting digging 8 Artesian wells in central of Bangkok. BMA distributed free water in 10 shortage areas. Excessive garbage will make gulf of Thailand rotten.
– 71 Universities are flood affected and postpone the next semester to Jan 2012.

Thairath, November 9, 2011
– Krong [Mr.Sumet] gave a statement that he will use as much of the budget as possible to rebuild the country and rehabilitate flooded provinces. There will not floods like this anymore.
– Bus routes re-organized for 26 lines. Free expressway until 20 Nov. MRT still open normally.
– Poo will not attend the APAC meeting in USA, because she wants to stay to help Thai flood affects. The cabinet will not announce more holidays.
– Pracha confirmed not to dig through Rama 2, water is moving forward to hit Ramkamhang-Bangkapi.
– The Department of Communicable Disease Control warns all women who have their period not to wade through the floodwaters. And also men who soak in floodwater for long, they risk infection.

Daily News, November 9, 2011
– Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, the Royal Son and Crown Prince of Siam, visited flood affected ares in Nakornpathom together with his wife.
– Chalerm confirmed that China is satisfied with the Thai government about the 13 Chinese deaths. They will discuss together this evening.
– The Internal Security Operations Command soldier seized teak wood which was smuggled. They also found out that a colour group [one of the Red or Yellow political groups] is behind this case.
– On Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s order, Mr .Virabongsa will head a panel responsible for formulating strategies to reconstruct and develop the country for the future. Sumet Tantivejkul, secretary-general of the King’s Chaipattana Foundation, was appointed adviser of a separate committee to work out water resources management strategies.

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