Thai-language Headlines of November 7, 2011

Komchadluek, November 7, 2011
– BMA orders to evacuate Jatujak-Paseecharoen-Nongkam. Floodwaters flows out at Bangsue – And moves to surround Bangkok.
– Poo was judged by the army to have failed to manage situation. She has 12 weaknesses. Pheu Thai will reshuffle the cabinet after the water runs dry.
– Bangkok will face a tough task getting rid of more than three million tonnes of trash and treating huge volumes of dirty water left behind by the flood.
– Thai actress, Kik Kanjanaj, was robbed at her house that was flooded. She lost more than 4 million baht.

Thairath, November 7, 2011
– Water attacks heavily, it might go to Pathumwan. Now Bangsue can’t hold all the water, it must be drained out. Water flows from Ladprao intersection to Thonburi to Bangbon.
– The Prime Minister confirmed to help people to the utmost and will spend the budget to give loans for people to fix their houses.
– The Ministry of the Interior’s secretary was robbed by Suvanabhumi airport’s limousine chauffeur. He had his watch and glasses worth more than 200k baht stolen.
– Chart Thai Pattana criticized Pheu Thai’s MPs which caused the government’s turmoil.

Daily News, November 7, 2011
– Within one day, 3 areas [Jatujak, Paseechareon and Nongkam] must evacuate. Sansab Canel almost full. Minister of Science and Technology claimed that BMA is incapable of handling the flooding.
– Poo still didn’t give the final decision regarding the reshuffle of the cabinet.  Noppadol confirmed that Thaksin wasn’t involved in cheating on the rescue bag case.
– A man [Academy Fantasia #4 or AF4] is hiding from accusations that he smashed the face of a director’s son with a glass.
– An actress was robbed at her house in Ayuthaya. The thief got more than 4 million baht.

Matichon, November 7, 2011
– Froc smiles because big bag works [referring to the dykes made of large bags]. It can hold 60% of the water. So it depends on how much BMA can drain out. They also want the government to inform the public of the volume of water that is drained out.
– Ms. Wannarat ordered to bring in water pumps from all over Thailand to protect industrial estates in the eastern area.
– Mr. Sukhumbhan ordered to clear garbage from all over Bangkok within 3 days.
– BMA strongly advised flood-affected areas to evacuate immediately, especially Jatujak.
– Flood water is approaching Rama 2 which is the gate to the south of Thailand.

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