Thai-language Headlines of November 4, 2011

Komchaluek, November 4, 2011
– Anyone who demolishes embankments, they will be jailed. Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (Thailand) is frantic. Dykes are destroyed at 17 points.  Poo uses the law to protect the watergates in Khlong 9. Laddprao intersection will drown.
– Start importing serum to cure bites from Mamba [escaped poisonous snake].
– There’s a reward for the people who report merchants who violate regulations for restricted products.
– Thieves aggravate flood victims. They row in rafts to steal in the Sapanmai area.

Matichon, November 4, 2011
– The Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (Thailand) decides to close 3 watergates to maintain and reduce water in the city area.
– University student posted about the Mamba’s bite is very dangerous. So, the Ministry of Public Health started importing serum to cure it.
– The Democrat Party reviewed the failure of the government dealing with the flood.
– The Ministry of Energy helps flood-affected people by giving first the 50 units for free. In next the 7 days imported water pumps from China will arrive to help industrial estates.

Thairath, November 4, 2011
– The floodwater flow out at Ladprao intersection, it’s the next place to flood. People in Tapra area are hunting Mamba [poisonous snakes].
– The Border Patrol Police General ordered to immediately arrest people who destroy dykes.
– 6 MRT stations are at the risk of floodwaters.
– The Democrats and Pheu Thai are in the debate and argue over the flooding crisis.
– A bank’s ex-security guard carried a fake gun and bomb to rob a bank for 0.95 million baht. He couldn’t escape and was trampled by people in the bank. [This was Kbank at Ladprao 71.]

Daily News, November 4, 2011
– Mr. Sukampol confirmed that he can solve flood problems on Vibhavadee Rd. He will use parallel way to drain water out to Makkasan marsh.
– The Energy minister has confidence that Froc will control the flood.
– Car bomb warning in Yala. The police suspect a blue Nissan sedan.
– Yingluck will open parliament to discuss the flood solution and the order from the world’s court on 11 Nov.

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