Thai-language Headlines of November 24, 2011 – Tollway Riot

(Photo: Daily News)

(Photo: Daily News)

Daily News, November 24, 2011
– A mob closed the tollway and trampled on vehicles because of their long time flooding.
– Twenty years jail for insulting the royal family.
– Janjoung turned herself in to the police. [this refers to the country music singer wanted in the plot to kill an amulet expert]
– The rescue bag case shifts to Poo [PM Yingluck] saying she got benefits from buying rescue bags.
– Another one of robbery gang surrendered himself and swore that he wasn’t involve with Supoj’s money. [referring to the burglary at the Permanent Secretary of Transport’s house]

Thairath, November 24, 2011
– Mr. Koh’s lackey shifted the blame to Mr. Koh [the leader of the gang that robbed the Permanent Secretary of Transport’s house] saying he took the 100 million baht in a sack and ran away. 
– There’s a protest that closes the toll way and smashes cars in the Lumlookka area. They are very angry that they have to live in water for many months. They wanted to demolish all big bag [dykes].
– Pracha confirmed that he is not afraid of the investigation about rescue bags [allegations that there were irregularities in their purchase].
– The water management committee’s president reveals that the sea level will decrease by December 1, so no more water from the north.

Matichon, November 24,2011
– A mob closed the tollway and dismantled big bags. Kasert and Sena area are confronted with floodwater. 
– Don Muang-Rangsit [people] complained that the level of floodwaters reduces only 1-2 centimeter, so there is a demand to drain more water from the area. 
– 1.2 billion baht budget was approved for the army – The air force has most of the budget.
– Pracha shifted his guilt to Yongyuth saying he bought rescue bags.

Komchadluek, November 24, 2011
– Tollway riot! Lamlookka residents are angry, throng to demolish big bag [dykes]. BMA opened the watergate by one meter to help Nontaburi residents.
– Mr. Prapan, one of the robbery gang, denied that they robbed the permanent secretary. He said the 9 million baht is just a joke. The police confirmed that Mr. Supoj’s ex-secretary is not linked to this case.
– Mr. Pracha is frightened that he is investigated alone about the rescue bags. But he shifts the fault to Ministry of Interior to be responsible. [there was speculation that Pracha was being hung out to dry to take the blame for the rescue bag irregularities]
– The Office of the National Security Council discussed the 13 Chinese bodies and clears [relations] with China to open trade navigation on Khong River again.

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