Thai-language Headlines of November 22, 2011

Komchadluek, November 22, 2011
– The Democrats started an investigation into the source of money. Mr. Ake confessed that he gave information to the robbers. The robbers said they couldn’t lift up cash that weighted weighted 50 kg. His mother wasn’t involved [in the crime]. [referring to the robbery of 15 million baht cash from the permanent secretary for transport Supoj Saplong – the robbers said there was over 200 million baht in cash and even what they tried to steal was nearly too heavy to carry]
– The second round of the proposal for amnesty, it will give pardons to many people–Thaksin, Red Shirts, Yellow Shirts and many soldiers. Pracha threatens to sue because it [the law] may be illegal.
– BMA accepts to open all watergates for Nonthaburee residents and believes that it will not effect the Bangplad area.
– Royalty approves the appointment of 46 big police generals. Mr. Pongsapat is officially Deputy Commissioner General.

Thairath, November 22, 2011
– The Metropolitan Police Commander believed that the permanent secretary’s money [kept that his house] is over 100 million baht. 7 members of the gang [that robbed his house] were arrested, another 4 still are sought.
– Residents at Don Muang area are tense, they push Froc to demolish big bags on Weepahwahdee Road.
– Red Shirts confirmed to continue holding meetings [supporting] about amnesty. Noppadol made an accuse that Thaksin didn’t know about the amnesty game.
– Senators condemned Froc saying it sucks and failed to manage the flood crisis. They [Froc] are preparing to submit documents to the government to explain during the [upcoming] meeting.
– Southern terrorists don’t quit acting violent. They bombed in Pattani. 9 injured including monks.

Matichon, November 22, 2011
– BMA agreed with the King’s advice by switching 5th December’s budget to build the Mahasawad embankment [to prevent flooding].
– People asking for the free toll way.
– Permanent Secretary of Transport Supoj will be charged by the National Anti-Corruption Commission.
– His Majesty gave an approval to the appointment of 45 police generals.

Daily News, November 22, 2011
– Flood affected people cannot endure the government’s ignorance. Patumtai people rose up against the police. Also people at Don Muang and Laksi also gave three days to FROC as a final ultimatum to drain out the water.
– His Majesty gave an approval to the appointment of 45 police generals.
– Manufactures of computer equipment threaten to re-locate production if there is not a good solid plan for flood water protection.
– Tracking the source of the straps used to wrap money which was stolen from Permanent Secretary of Transport Supoj [apparently he kept over 200 million baht in cash in his home – here the police will try to track the bank straps used to wrap the blocks of cash to see where the transport minister obtained it]

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