Thai-language Headlines of November 21, 2011

Komchadluek, November 21, 2011
– The reason for the robbery at permanent secretary’s house was disclosed. The son of Mr. Supoj’s ex-secretary wanted to revenge for his mother because she was fired. He surrendered himself with 60 million baht.
– Thaksin doesn’t accept the amnesty. He wants to sacrifice for everyone’s peace. Pracha confirmed that Thaksin isn’t on the name list in this decree.
– Nonthaburi residents throng to close Ratanatibet Road and want BMA to drain out water [from their areas].
– Ministry of Finance and Trade Association discussed setting up a loan policy for Thailand’s rehabilitation [from the floods].

Matichon, November 21, 2011
– Thaksin sacrificed for everybody’s harmony. Thaksin sent out the letter that he will not take amnesty and confirmed that the government isn’t helping him. 
– Don Muang residents threaten that if the water level doesn’t decrease, they will seize the tollway.
– Four more members of the robbery gang were arrested. The police are investigating Mr. Ake [the son of Mr. Supoj’s secretary], but he denied that he was one of the gang.
– Housing estates in Nakorn Rachasima are [selling] briskly, Bangkok brokers bought big lots there.
– Flood crisis effects many insurance companies to bankrupt. Mother companies cancelled many insurance policy.

Thairath, November 21, 2011
– Ms.Tim [ex-Mr. Supoj’s secretary] brought her son [Mr. Ake] to surrender himself for the robbery case with 16 million baht cash.  But he still denied that he involved with this case.
– Thaksin sent out the letter saying that he will not accept amnesty.
– Nonthaburi residents throng to close Ratanatibet Road for around 2 hours because they want BMA to open watergate at Khlong Mahasawat.
– The government aims to support flood victims, they will propose the cabinet to increase the budget for flood relief solutions.

Daily News, November 21, 2011.
– Thaksin told the Thai government to withdraw its plan to seek a royal pardon for him as he worried that it will make situation worse for Yingluck’s government.
– Mr. Ake surrendered himself to the police to fight the allegation of robbing Permanent Secretary for Transport Supoj Saplom.
– The leader of the RKK [a southern separatist group] with a bad [criminal] record was shot dead while two others surrendered with loads of weapons.
– Flood-hit residents in Nonthaburi threaten to dismantle the watergate at Mana-Sawad.

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