Thai-language Headlines of November 18, 2011

Komchadluek, November 18, 2011
– Saimai residents throng to resist big bags [dykes] even as BMA opens more floodgates to drain water out. They create a disturbance by using fireworks.
– The robbery gang who robbed the permanent secretary of 200 million baht revealed that they planned it for 1 year. They claimed the money is belonged to them and they wanted to take it back.
– The government will launch an exhibition booth to help flood affected victims concerning their houses and cars on December 1-2.
– the “82 professors” group had a press conference to object to the Amnesty Decree, but there are 5790 villages that support Thaksin.

Matichon, November 18, 2011
– Big bag dykes demolished again at Khonghokwa. Frightened Bangkok might sink [underwater] again.
– One of the conditions for the person who applies for the Amnesty Decree, he/she must serve some punishment according to the court decision [not be a fugitive]
– The Democrats propose to discharge 7 MPs for violation of the constitution.
– Robbery gang who robbed the permanent secretary were arrested and revealed that he hid more than a billion baht cash.

Thairath, November 18, 2011
– Demolishing big bag dykes fad spreads. It also happened at Khlonghokwa.
– AOT to spend a billion baht budget to rehabilitate Don Muang.
– 5000 baht rescue money for flood affected people will be paid by 20 December.
– Prachai explained that fugitives can’t apply for a royal pardon.

Daily News, November 18, 2011
– The Ministry of Interior allows a delay on electricity-water payment.
– Detained robbery gangsters recount robbery plans in details before they are sent to the count. Another 4 members still at large.
– The Democrats propose investigating Pracha for violation of the constitution.
– BMA accepts giving 5000 baht flood compensation without deadline and extends this to 36 districts.
– The government is planning to rehabilitate Thailand after the water runs dry.

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