Thai-language Headlines of November 17, 2011

Komchadluek, November 17, 2011
– Democrat obstructs Thaksin’s amnesty, and threatens to discharge the cabinet because it against the law. Poo gives her word that it’s all fair to everybody. Chalerm confirms that it isn’t against the law.
– Throng to demolish big bags again. Froc made an appointment with residents in Lumlookka to compromise. There’s still flooding in Rama 2 parallel road. 8 communities in Bangkapi area must be on watch.
– 5 members of a drug gang were arrested with drugs valued at 1.2 million baht. These people were offenders who killed A-wei [Drug network chief in Chiang Mai].
– Aim to expropriate land to rehabilitate flood canals. Water and electricity can be paid 3 months installment.

Matichon, November 17, 2011
– Chalerm accused deputy ministers of being inexperienced [because they leaked the secret cabinet discussions about Thaksin’s amnesty]. This amnesty was revealed even it’s the secret discussion.
– The UN secretary believes that Poo will pass this crisis and said this is a good lesson to learn for Thailand. It can be an example for other countries. Sumet and Krong are preparing to adjust flood ways to drain more water.
– More than 200 people demolished big bags in the Phaholyothin area. Sukhumbhan assigned airman army to clear. BMA announced to warn 8 communities in Bangkapi area to be careful.
– 3 thieves who robbed the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Transportation and Communication’s house were arrested. They all confessed that they stole 100 million baht cash.

Thairath, November 17, 2011
– They can’t stand polluted water as high as their chest, they throng to demolish big bags in the Phaholyothin area. If Froc doesn’t make a space of 6 meters [in the wall] as they want, they will demolish all big bags.
– The Democrats resist the amnesty [for Thaksin] and said it is against the law. Chalerm explains that is a royal prerogative, and blames anyone who resists as not having good propriety.
– Soldiers who volunteer to help flood affects get swelling at their groin and testicles. They are infected from soaking in water for a long time. 
– The UN chief Ban Ki-Moon believes that Poo is able to pass this crisis. He supports her to continue floodway adjustment. 

Daily News, November 17, 2011
– Mark can’t accept the decree that helps Thaksin and recommend Poo to step down. Society might be split up again. 
– Vipavadee road nearly dry now. Next week it can be used.
– The number of lottery 7777 might be locked [banned from being chosen], all lottery players upset.
– Foreign countries are ready to help to rehabilitate Thailand. The government has to build embankments around industrial estates.
– [It is suspected that] A well known soldier might be involved with the robbery at the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Transportation and Communication’s house after one offender was arrested.

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