Thai-language Headlines of November 15, 2011

Komchadluek, November 15, 2011
– HM the King’s face looks happy when he went to see the water level of the Chao Phya River.
– The Big Bags war was stopped. Froc ordered to build up the dyke and set up some boats for service people.
– Almost a million laborers are unemployed, the business support plan will be proposed with 500 billion baht.
– Scandalous rescue bags case is linked to Mark’s [former PM Abhisit’s] government. Proposed to move C10 of Ministry of the Interior. [meaning to move the Bangkok Governor’s post to be a cabinet level post]

Matichon, November 15, 2011
– HM the King went to see the water level of Chao Phya River.
– Don Muang community which is behind the Big Bags [dyke] suffers severe hardships, the polluted water is still high and seems not to be decreasing. The residents have to pay rent and there’s no food to eat.
– Proposeal to move the [Bangkok] governor to be on the cabinet. Mr. Peerasak might be the next governor.
– 12 big companies set up the Thailand rehabilitation fund.
– MRTA appointed the committees to investigate the purple line BTS bidding.

Thairath, November 15, 2011
– The big bag problem was stopped and the dyke has been restored. Keng Karun denied that he was the one who brought those people in to demolish the big bags. He confirmed that he begged people not to do it.
– The Federation of Thai Industries at Samuthsakorn is ready to fight the flood and prepares to drain water into the sea.
– Road 340 will be recovered [from the flood] by 16 November.
– HM the king went to see the water level and scenery of Chao Phraya River.

Daily News, November 15, 2011
– Throngs demolishing big bags jeer Poo who is incapable, the water overflows to inner Bangkok again.
– Ministry of Transportation and Communication’s Permanent secretary was robbed at his house of almost 12 million baht while he was at her daughter’s wedding.
– Ministry of the Interior will move C10 to be in the cabinet. Mr. Anudit denied the rumor that he spent the budget for flood supplies and kept them at his place.
– A man killed his wife and himself because he tried to convince her to come back to be with him, but she refused.

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