Thai-language Headlines of November 14, 2011

Komchadluek, November 14, 2011
– Froc can’t accept [people] demolishing big bags [the so-called “big bag” dykes]. Rama 2 in crisis, residents in 10 areas in Samaedam evacuated. Froc threatens the residences if they demolish big bags, [if they do] water will overflow [at the rate of] 100 cubic meters each day and the flood will go to Silom then.
– Moving more than 600,000 laborers in Mahachai. They are afraid of a repeated crisis like the one in Ayuthaya-Pathumthani.
– Fear of toxins in Bangpakong, 50,000 fishes were impacted and died. Residents in Bangpakong requested the government to check this, but Office of National Environment Board said they don’t have any equipment to check.
– Deadline to move all cars from expressway in 16 Nov. The police want all cars to move to park at Ammatanakorn, Chonburi, and don’t allow the motorbike service on the expressway.

Thairath, November 14, 2011
– Pheu Thai’s MP brought residents to demolish the big bag [dyke] at Don Muang. [this is the claim from residents that their local MP, Karun, authorized them to destroy the flood dyke]
– Japanese investors complain to to the Thai government that they are not sincere in recovering industrial estates.
– The Ministry of Transportation and Communication’s permanent secretary was robbed of 6 million baht.
– BMTA expanded soldier-run shuttle jeeps to 15 more lines.
– Democrats request to get rid of people who make profit from flood supplies including boat purchasing.

Matichon, November 14, 2011
– Don Muang residences claimed that Keng Karun [the local MP] gave the green light to demolish big bag [dykes] to allow the water through at Bangkok 20 km.
– The BTS [Skytrain route] bidding is unusual, the 6th contract of the bidding for the purple line of BTS construction seems to be suspicious. The Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission will investigate the bidding.
– Pheu Thai sets up 2 teams to investigate the rescue bag scandal case [the accusations that rescue supply prices paid by the government were inflated]. Pracha accepted that, because of a lot of work, so there’s some mistakes, but it can be corrected. Yongyuth sent DSI to investigate as well.
– Ayuthaya industrial estates will resume their production at the beginning of December. The Tourism Authority of Thailand will contact the world media after the water runs dry.

Daily News, November 14, 2011
– Ayuthaya mobilize forces to pump water to recover Chaiwattana Temple after they found a crack on the wall.
– Keng Karun denied about the green light to demolish big bag [dyke].
– The singer of Burn, Santika’s case appealed [referring to the December 31, 2008 pub fire].
– Chulalongkorn prepares to move the rescue center to Sattaheep province.
– Sukhumbhan shed tears because of the pressure from Froc ordering him to help on the big bag problem in Don Muang in the middle of night. [this refers to Froc suddenly ceding authority to stop residents from demolishing dykes to the BMA]

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