Thai-language Headlines of November 11, 2011

Komchadluek, November 11, 2011
– The way to the south of Thailand almost paralyzed. Could not rescue road no. 340. The big volume of floodwater is going to attack Rama 2.
– Intercepting the human virus, Ministry of Public Health is hurrying to gather information from private hospitals and found 38 patients and 3 died from this virus. They also inform the US that Thai seafood is safe. There’s no contaminant.
– More 3 areas need to evacuate. Bangchan got emergency level 1, water is 1 metre high. Industrial estates in Ladkrabang are flooded. 
– Chulalongkorn proposes 11 strategies to handle the flood. One of them is  confiscation of land to make a flood way. Thailand economy down 0.5-1%.

Daily News, November 11, 2011
– Rama 2 is worse, water draining to the sea. Sukampol confirmed the Big Bag [strategy] works, it can be used to block and decrease water levels. BMA announced some Bangkokians must evacuate.
– Tong will attend the APAC meeting with the confidence that he can restore investors’ confidence.
– The Democrats saying that the Bangkok governor would not be removed from the post, while also wanting to see Yingluck to show her responsibility over the deluge.
– Policewomen Lieutenant Colonel was arrested while supplying chemicals to drug gangsters.

Matichon, November 11, 2011
– Mr. Tanin supports the PM, he request everyone to give a chance to PM to continue her policies. He confirmed that after the flood waters dry, there’s high level of labor needed. Thai economic will grow 7%.
– During the parliament debate, 3 parties discussed who is responsible for the release of water.
– UNESCO honored two Thai VIPs, Her Majesty Queen Savang Vadhana and Mom Luang Boonluah.

Thairath, Noverber 11, 2011
– Water arrived at the Rama 2 area, Bangchan estate in crisis. BMA ordered people to evacuate 3 areas. 
– Democrat attacks Yingluck, she cried to show she is not responsibe. 
– 4000 cubic meters of water prepares to attack Bangkok, the government need to manage it.
– Decrease in the electricity fee of 20 billion baht for flood remedy.

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