Thai-language Headlines of November 1, 2011

Komchadluek, November 1, 2011
– Bang Chan Industrial Estate in the eastern Bangkok suburban district is in more danger of flooding after angry protesters forced the government to open a sluice gate in Klong Sam Wa wider to allow more water to flow from their inundated communities. Poo confirmed 19 districts of Bangkok will survive [without flooding].
– 2 litre drinking water is being delivered to Bangkok. Announcements ask people not to hoard eggs and rices, the selling price for 9 restricted products.
– Poo proposed the New Thailand Project for 800 billion baht. But it’s not approved yet because the opposition doubts where the money will come from. 
– The army confirmed that government hasn’t contacted them to move donated supplies from Don Mueng. Mr. Pracha was angry that media published the news that he hoards all those donations.

Daily News, November 1, 2011
– Commotion about opening watergate for Khlongsamwa residents. Laksri-Donmueng-Thongburi residences suffer again and again. Bangkok still hasn’t passed the crisis point from the 10k cubic metres of water [flowing to and around it].
– 9 products under official restriction. If anyone sells above the selling price, he/she will be charged. The Government Housing Bank and the Government Savings Bank will freeze debt for 6 months.
– Budget for 1000 billion baht for the New Thailand Project. Poo appointed the education committees to revise the Bank of Thailand’s laws.
– An accused person was shot in front of the court of Udorn Thani province, because someone wanted to kill the drug-related person. The shooter escaped. [These shootings are almost always committed by local police complicit in drug gangs. The official police line is that these shootings are the work of other drug dealers wishing to silence those arrested.]
– Two famous DJs of Red Shirt group were released after serving their sentences.

Matichon, November 1 , 2011
– Froc and soldiers are helping to build the embankment by using 500 rock bags. It will be done in 3 days.
– Poo and the Bangkok governor estimated that a big volume of water will not menace Bangkok anymore.
– Hitech industrial estates are happy because they can start recovering. There’s a shortage of salt. All merchants are hoarding.
– Water flows out of Khlong Bangkane. Kasetsart University drowned almost 80%. Rongsoob community suffers very much.
– Flood crisis effects the Thailand hotel business. Many customers postpone all seminar-wedding events. They will lose around 20-30% of income. The Hotel Association extended the special rate to support all flood victims until 15 Nov 2011. They also request the government to set up travelers’ insurance in Thailand.

Thairath, November 1, 2011
– General Aod complained that FROC always accused Army for all the problems which occurred during the flood.
– The coach station [the southern bus station] is to be re-located due to the flood.
– Official building centre at Puthamonthol and Ramindra were heavily flooded. Khlongsam wa residences cry and want to open the watergate.
– Pheu Thai will propose an act of legislation for the next year budget in 9-10 November.
– The prison officer in Ang thong was arrested for the charge of illegal phone smuggling to deliver drugs to the prison.

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