Thai-language Headlines of March 9, 2012

Komchadluek, March , 2012
– General Yuthasak vows that the plan to handle Southern terrorists has failed. They were careless which caused 5 soldiers to die [in a blast].
– University students submitted documents to expose a teacher who gave grades depending on how beautiful students are. Now the chancellor appointed a committee to investigate.
– Twins who punched Mr. Vorajed will be in jailed for 3 months.
– The Supreme Court judged bus 207’s driver, supervisor, owner, and the Department of Land Transport to pay 10 million baht to family of an ABAC student who fell from the bus and died.

Thairath, March 8, 2012
– A flash flood grew rapidly and washed away a car which caused a whole family, 4 people, to die [in Songkhla].
– The twins who punched Mr. Vorajed were judged to be in jailed for 6 months, but they confessed and got pardon to be jailed for 3 months.
– There were many people who quickly registered to request rehabilitation money for protest victims.
– There was a trap [a bombing] in south of Thailand. 4 soldiers died, 1 injured.

Matichon, March 8, 2012
– The elder twin was judged to be in jailed for 10 months, and 3 months for the younger. This is because the elder one was carrying a gun.
– The first day for registration for rehabilitation money [for protesters] at Ratchvithi house was crowded. The government will appoint more places for people [to register].
– Japanese investors are satisfied about the water management plan. They will invest more in Thailand.
– The chancellor is investigating a teacher who gave scores depend on students’ beauty. Some students didn’t dare to report about this sexual harassment.

Daily New, March 8, 2012
– Mercure hotel had a fire. Many guests escaped from the building chaotically. 1 foreigner guest died.
– A flash flood grabbed a car which caused 4 people to die.
– ABAC student life is costs 9.85 million baht because the defendants were careless.
– Poo [PM Yingluck] is in the chart of world influential women.

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