Thai-language Headlines of March 8, 2012

Komchadluek, March 8, 2012
– University girl students will gather all evidences within 7 days for the management to decide the case. The chancellor vows that if that teacher was wrong, he will fire him. [referring to a sexual harassment case]
– A woman fought with a thief who grabbed and ran, he was arrested.
– Arrested – a big drug dealer network in Kaobin prison, luxury boat and a 40 million baht house with 7 million pills seized.
– Severe drought is coming to the west, Kanachaburi in crisis, has drought in 5 districts already.   

Thairath, March 8, 2012
– The police seized a yacht from big drug dealer “Bang Paew” and investigates in 4 provinces.
– Pheu Thai criticized that the ombudsman didn’t do his job honestly in the case of Nalinee-Natawut. [referring to the ombudsman report critical of the PM for appointing a blacklist business woman and a Red Shirt leader accused of terrorism to the cabinet]
– Arrested – 2 workers who raped and robbed a nursing assistant.
– A brave woman fought against a thief and the resident helped to send him to the police.

Matichon, March 8, 2012
– A lecturer was alleged with sexual harassment, if it’s a truth, the dean will surely dismiss him.
– Thaksin said he would return from exile this year, he also said that Yingluck will be safe from a military coup.
– Poo [PM Yingluck] had press conference with PM Noda and reassured the Japanese on flood control measures.
– Investigated – some big hospitals up-country and claim that pharmacists were link to making large orders of Sudo. [referring to an investigation of large drug order that seem to be related to the manufacture of drugs]

Daily News, March 8, 2012
– A money lender was brutally killed in the middle of town with 22 wounds.
– Thaksin wants to go home and said that he was not guilty and believed that Thais will be in harmony.
– Yingluck showed the sweet and sour vision to the Japanese. The Japan external trade organisation [JETRO] is ready to give full support to her.
– A woman victim was brave to fight against a thief.

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