Thai-language Headlines of March 7, 2012

Komchadluek, March 7, 2012
– University students cry out that they were molested by teachers because they wear short skirts. They will report to the dean.
– A boat sank, 3 students drowned in Patumthani.
– Residents and the Anti-Global Warming Association will sue at the administration court to stop big flood barriers to protect 11 industrial estates.
– The Democrat Party will sue Pheu Thai Party at the administration court about the approval of the 2 billion baht budget for compensation to all victims of political violence.

Thairath, March 7, 2012
– A boat sank because it was overloaded. 3 girls died.
– A electric gate squeezed the neck of an old woman and killed her.
– The cabinet approved a 2 billion baht budget for compensation to all victims of political violence.
– The owners of old buildings are forced to install sprinklers.
– Hunting a gay couple for the murder of Mr. Solay’s brother [Solay is an ex-singer at Rama 9 Cafe]

Matichon, March 7, 2012
– Yingluck must report the result of the review to the office of ombudsman within 30 days in appointing Nalinee-Nattawuut to the cabinet. [this refers to the ombudsman report chiding the prime minister for appointing a person to the cabinet who is on a n international blacklist (Nalinee) and another person who is charged with terrorism as well as other crimes related to the Red Shirt siege of Bangkok in 2010 (Nattawut)]
– Poo [PM Yingluck] had sympathy towards the family of Muramoto [the Japanese photographer who died during the Bangkok protests in 2010]
– There will be a massive investment to lift up the roads from flooding.
– There was explosion at Krong Penang district, Yala Province which cause 1 death and 1 injury.

Daily News, March 7, 2012
– A boat capsized which caused 5 students to drown in the Chao Phaya River.
– The position of Tharit [the new director of DSI] is secure, Chalerm confirmed.
– A good citizen was burnt while helping victims in a fire.
– An electrical house gate squeezed the neck of an old woman and she died.

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