Thai-language Headlines of March 6, 2012

Komchadluek, March 6, 2012
– Arrested – a bad gay that detained Grade 7 girls and forced them to sell themselves.
– A soldier at the south of Thailand got stress and went crazy from drugs, he shot multiple times into a market. 1 died, 7 injured.
– The residents around Fico Building saw 2 men fleeing before the fire.
– Muay showed a pre-natal certificate to the police. But the police didn’t question her yet. [referring to an abortion scandal]

Matichon, March 6, 2012
– Poo [PM Yingluck] flies today, she brings the flood protection plan to show and calm Japanese CEOs.
– 3 big car companies didn’t agree with tax structure adjustment and claimed that it will help other companies get benefits [from the rules] instead.
– Big O [General Sukampol] proposed to cancel the submarine project.
– Pol. Lt. Gen. Ma’s Election canvasser was shot dead. The police suspect the reason was the Provincial Administrative Organization (PAO) election.

Thairath, March 6, 2012
– A gunman chased and shot the PAO candidate in Kanchanaburi.
– A bad gay deceived school girls to be prostitutes.
– Mark [former PM Abhisit] warned Thaksin that do not suggest amending the constitution.
– Poo repeated that dykes for industrial estates will be built.

Daily News, March 6, 2012
– Tharis was replaced by Suchart as Director of DSI.
– Mayor Lek was murdered. Witnesses saw murder team come in 2 cars.
– A fortune teller predicted that a bad situation will happen because Mars has a blood-red color.
– A gay was arrested for deceiving underage girls to sell sex.

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