Thai-language Headlines of March 5, 2012

Komchadluek, March 5, 2012
– BMA investigated the Fico [building] and confirmed that damage was minimal. [referring to the high rise that experienced a fire over the weekend]
– Exposed – 3 groups that might be terrorists and will keep an eye on all blacklists and watch lists from suspected countries.
– The Democrat Party sued the court to freeze the rehabilitation budget for mobs.
– Hunting the murderer who burn an infant to death by the sea.

Thairath, March 5, 2012
– The Wattana District Office has banned people from entering the fire-ravaged Fico building.
– Poll results show people are afraid that the constitution amendment will made conflict in the country.
– Bangban resident are frightened and hurry to lift up their houses to protect from floods this year.
– PM supported all teenagers to fight against drugs in the D.A.R.E campaign.

Matichon, March 5, 2012
– Poo [PM Yingluck] led negotiations with Japanese investors to invest more than 60 billion baht and show the water management plan to build more confidence.
– 3 car companies will increase the car price for Vios, Jazz and Mazda 2.
– The police are finding the way to seize certificates [that allow people] to carry guns.
– Bangkok residents are frightened that Fico Place burned. BMA will order to inspect high buildings and sprinkles.

Daily News, March 5, 2012
– Earthquake at 3 on the Richter scale, frightens Kanjanaburi provinces, however the provincial governor said it can be handled.
– Pheu Thai Party criticized the Democrat Party for holding back the amendment of the constitution.
– Miss Thailand World candidates were screaming because a white tiger scratched a girl.
– BMA ordered to close down Fico building as a consequence of the fire.

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