Thai-language Headlines of March 22, 2012

Komchadluek, March 22, 2012
– VDO clip about a BTS security [guard] who punched a foreign passenger who brought balloons into BTS whs broadcast on Youtube.
– The Office of the Election Commission discharged Mr. Srisuk as senator because he didn’t vote in an election.
– The Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation ordered to check illegal trading. A surprise [found] was a hawk valued at a million baht.
– Arrested! 4 policemen in charge of a drugs case – they embezzled 300,000 drug pills.

Thairath, March 22, 2012
– At a national reconciliation [gathering], Mr. Sanan asked who was behind the 2006 coup, but Sonthi refused to give any information.
– Arrested! 4 policemen who are in charge of drug cases. They embezzled 30 million baht worth of yaba and ya ice.
– A girl was made unconscious by chloroform and carried to a van. They prepared to send these girls to sell in Malaysia.
– An offender was killed after giving testimony to the court.

Matichon, March 22, 2012
– Maj. Gen. Sanan chased Big Bung [Sonthi] to answer 3 questions that linked Papa Prem [Mr. Prem Tinnasulanon, head of the Pricy Council] to the coup of 19 September 2006.
– There’s a mysterious call to Mr. Padermchai to threat him about the head hunter commission. [referring to the scandal over a company that sent Thai workers overseas and allegedly cheated them]
– Discharged! Two more pharmacists in Chaing Mai and policemen were arrested in a drugs case.
– Poo [PM Yingluck] will be a special guest at the grand opening of the Honda factory on 31 March 2012.

Daily News, March 22, 2012
– Policemen have been dismissed for allegedly possessing more than 350,000 methamphetamine pills and five kilograms of crystal meth, or ice.
– The cause of the sinkhole at Rama IV Road is because the area did not have reinforced concrete [underneath].
– An offender was killed after testifying at a court in a case of revenge.
– The Office of the Election Commission dismissed Senator Mr. Srisook because he did not cast his vote at other elections in the past.

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