Thai-language Headlines of March 21, 2012

Komchadluek, March 21, 2012
– Video clip about a hawk was attacking a puppy – The police are investigating the area where the video was taken and will control more about animal trading in Jatujak.
– Mr. Boonjong survived from the case and Bhumjaithai [Party] is relieved. [referring to a political disbarment case]
– Cold medicine effect – Dismissal of 2 [hospital] directors and 3 pharmacists. [referring to the scandal of medical personnel supplying drug producers with cold medicines to make illicit drugs with]
– 2 thieves sneaked in an army camp in Phitsanulok, they wanted to get some bullets and bombs for sale, but an explosion occurred and they both died.

Thairath, March 21, 2012
– A broken-hearted woman committed suicide by jumping from a condominium in Sathorn after she saw another woman in her man’s bed.
– The Supreme Court cancelled a red card for Mr. Boonjong so he can continue being a MP.
– Channel 5 welcomes Miss Thailand World 2555. [meaning they will broadcast the proceedings]
– The Ministry of Public Health fired 2 hospital directors and 3 pharmacists. [over supplying drugs to drug dealers]

Matichon, March 21, 2012
– The court cancelled the case against Mr. Boonjong and claimed something was wrong with the witnesses.
– Honda clarified about the rumors that they will move their production base. [from Thailand]
– The Chief of the Provincial Administrative Organization in Kanchanaburi was sentenced to be jailed for 1 month for case of buying right for election.
– 2 hospital directors and 3 pharmacists were discharged because of cold medicines. [being supplied to drug dealers]

Daily News, March 21, 2012
– MP Mr. Boonjong smiled after the Supreme Court’s election cases division dismissed a case to disqualify him, ruling there was insufficient evidence to support the allegation of vote buying.
– Two hospital directors from hospitals in the North and Northeast have been transferred as the result of cold pill smuggling.
– The mobile cabinet meeting has approved a budget of 84.06 billion baht for financing 117 development projects.
– After examination, officers confirmed that neither the tap-water mains nor the subway tunnel had any leaks under Rama IV Road. [resulting from the sinkhole that developed there]

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