Thai-language Headlines of March 20, 2012

Komchadluek, March 20, 2012
– A man was angry that his wife knew that he raped his step-daughter and she wanted to brake up, he threw chilli at his wife and her mother and then killed them all.
– 6 committees are investigating the former permanent secretary of Social Development and Human Security. Panita is going to sue Mr. Santi. [referring to the removal of the permanent secretary and the controversy of the removal]
– Grocery stores will help Thailand. Mr. Boonsong proposed the government to build many grocery stores all over in Thailand to get rid of the middle man using 1.5 billion baht.
– MBA claimed the reason of Rama IV road subsided was the destroy of tunnel and the missing sand for 50 cubic meters.

Thairath, March 20, 2012
– A big tunnel caused the subsidence of Rama IV Road, but it won’t effect high buildings nearby.
– Thaksin criticized Teerayuth for choosing sides. [referring to his comments about the future of politics]
– Khun Dang will organize Miss Thailand Universe 2555 with Channel 5.
– A crazy man was angry, murdered his wife and her mother, then committed suicide to escape his guilt.

Matichon, March 20, 2012
– The Supreme Court will judge Mr. Boonjong Wongtrairat [MP of Nakornrachasima] about whether he will receive a red card to deprive him of his political rights. [latest in a string of scandals for the beleaguered Bhumjaithai Party]
– There will be 10,000 grocery shops in Thailand selling cheap products.
– A Thai orchestra will perform for Japanese businessmen in Tokyo.
– BMA claimed that the old tunnel to drain water collapsed, so it caused Rama IV Road to subside.

Daily News, March 20, 2012
– Human trading gangs cut Cambodian 7-year-old’s tongues or arms and forced them to be beggars.
– Pheu Thai all attacked Teerayuth and dared him to fight in a field. [again referring to comments the academic made after the future of politics]
– A man murdered his wife and stepmother because he was angry that they chased him away when they caught him raping his step daughter.
– A big lot of cold medicines are missing. The police investigated a pharmacists’ house. [referring to the scandal of missing pills to be used in the production of illicit drugs]

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