Thai-language Headlines of March 2, 2012

Thairath, March 2, 2012
– Arrested – Twins who punched Mr. Vorajed Pakeerat because they wanted to ventilate their rancor about the article 112 movement. [referring to the attack on a proponent of lese majeste reform]
– Let engineers check Hopewell collapse and the [rest of the] railway to Hualampong.
– Democrats want to strictly fix that the constitution amendment will not touch 4 points.
– Southern terrorists set up fire bombs in 4 places including companies and department stores.

Matichon, March 2, 2012
– Wildfire officials assisted by resident handle wildfires in the north of Thailand.
– Hopewell collapse sparks probe.
– Twins confess to attack on Nitirat leader.
– Ms. Sodsri’s idea is to dismiss five from the Office of the Election Commission of Thailand.

Daily News, March 2, 2012
– The national lottery jackpot won from the house number where a gecko was photographed putting the palms of his hands [together].
– Twins who punched Voravej still didn’t accept their mistake.
– Arrested – a man who sneaked into the home of Thai country song singer, Baitoey, and took her cellphones while she was sleeping. [this was also given blanket coverage on Thai TV including a reenactment for the cameras with the singer in bed while the robber prowled around her bedroom and stole her phone]
– At there is still chaos, bombs and burning in the south.

Komchadluek, March 2, 2012
– Twins confessed to the police [that they attacked Voravej] because they didn’t agree with Nitirat. [the group pressed to amend the lese majeste rule]
– A blind man misunderstood that his 84-year-old mother condemned him, so he threw her to her death.
– Hopewell collapsed because the thieves stole steel that was propping it up.
– The police attacked drug dealers, arrested 1 member, but the leader escaped.

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