Thai-language Headlines of March 19, 2012

Komchadluek, March 19, 2012
– Bangkokian are panicked that a road subsided by 2 meters because the water washed it out. [referring to the sinkhole on Rama IV Road]
– The Ministry of Commerce will fight with expensive prices. They will force the small restaurants by the road to charge only 30 baht.
– Thirayuth suggested the solution for Thaksin is not to use the masses to bring him home. He should come back here and fight the case instead.
– A check point at Sakolnakorn seized 700,000 drugs which were being transported to the south of Thailand.

Thairath, March 19, 2012
– Thirayuth decided that there will be a coup for sure. The amnesty will cut down The Council for Nation Security’s case. [referring to the predictions made by a noted political analyst]
– A dishwasher murdered a Chinese cook and grabbed 100,000 baht and ran away.
– Chaiyo and Ratchanok got the best Thai Country Singer Mahanakorn Award.
– The immigration department reorganized and recruited more then 1322 positions.

Daily News, March 19, 2012
– Tropical storms hit an amusement park and swept away houses, 3 children were injured.
– All cars’ owners panicked that there was a sinkhole that caused traffic to be paralyzed.
– A C7 teacher shot his “heart opponent.” [meaning he shot a man who was vying for the attentions of his girlfriend]
– The owner of a pork ball business was shot dead and his wife becomes a suspect in his mysterious death.

Matichon, March 19, 2012
– Leading academic Thirayuth Boonmi’s analysis of Thai politics is strongly biased against former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra and stopped short of mentioning the root causes of problems plaguing the country.
– Mr. Arak, the minister of energy, proposed the way to save energy costs by not wearing [Western-style] suits–and then to adjust the temperature of air conditioning appropriately. [Thaksin also promoted this during his time and PM by wearing traditional Thai over-shirts instead of business suits]
– Mr. Chaleo [the owner of Red Bull] died and his company plans for a successor.
– For the past 3 years to head hunter was investigated to be charged. Sending investigators to talk to Thai labor there. [in Israel where there is a scandal involving a Thai company that has cheated workers out of proper compensation]

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